Effective Warm Up Basketball Drills To Ensure Solid Performance...

When's the best time for your team to get in rhythm? When would would want them to get hot? Right before gametime, of course!

Good warm up drills get your team into the "zone", ready to shoot, dribble, and pass with accuracy before the game starts.

This page contains a handful of warm up drills that you can practice with your team...

Coburg Weave


Warm Up Basketball Drill #1: CELTICS

8 players or more - 2 balls

On both sides we have one player at the sideline (free throw line extended), one in the corner at the baseline, one at the left elbow and one at the right elbow. The same action takes place on the other half with players 5 (1), 6 (2), 7 (3) and 8 (4).

Player 1 passes to 3.

Player 3 passes to 2 and runs wide.

Player 2 passes to 4.

Player 4 passes to 3.

Player 3 finishes with a lay-up (or a shot, whatever the coach has decided).

1 becomes 3 2 becomes 1 4 becomes 2

Player 3 catches his own rebound and dribbles towards midcourt.

Player 3 passes to player 6.

Player 3 becomes player 8 and so on.

Back in starting positions.

 Warm Up Basketball Drill #2: COBURG WEAVE

Player 1 passes to either wing (Player 2 in diagram), and then runs to touch side line. Player 2 passes ball to Player 3, and runs to touch side line.

Player 3 completes lay-up. Pass should be timed so that Player 3 does not need to dribble.

After shooting lay-up, player 3 runs to opposite side line. Player 1 rebounds shot (it must not hit the floor) and passes to Player 2. Player 1 then runs to side line. Player 2 does lay-up.

After Player 2 shoots lay-up, they run to opposite side line. Player 3 rebounds (ball must not hit floor) and passes to Player 1 for lay-up.

Player 2 rebounds and outlets to Player 3. The players then return to mid-court.

Alternatively, passive defense can be added.

Warm Up Basketball Drill #3: DRIBBLE SHOT

6 or more players 4 balls.

This drill starts by dribbling to the opposite site of the court at the extended top of the 3 point line. The players cut to the the corner of the bucket. They make a jumpstop and take a jump shot.

After taking the shot the players rebound the ball and give an outlet pass to the player without the ball.

The player receiving the ball from the outlet pass must wait behind the baseline until the ball is rebounded.

Variations. Lay-ups shot from the other side.

Warm Up Basketball Drill #4: FOCUS DRILL

With this drill you warm up with passing, back to front pivot ball sweep, triple threat, fake pass to set up cut, touch pass back, dribbling around picks right and left hand, to taking shot off of pick, boxing out all under 1 minute.

10 to 12 players-matching up positions. Spaced key width apart. Start at baseline with 2 balls, they pick the pass they will make(bounce, chest). The rest deliver what ever pass they receive.

When the ball gets to half court: The players pivot away from basket (stress teamwork have them wait and do this together until they get it down). The next (2) moves up to defend, everyone else moves up one slot. When both are in position to start it goes like this: 1) Pivot toward basket using strong ball sweep from HEAD TO HIP ending in triple threat position. (STRESS sweep must be within their space, arms cannot be extended) 2) With (2) playing close defense, fake high pass making defender tall step right or left giving bounce pass to (3). Immediately stepping out after pass to receive touch pass right back.

3) Dribble weave around 1st pick (4) , taking shot around 2nd pick (5). (STRESS switching hands keeping ball between their body and defender. Teach proper way to set pick)

4) After (1)'s takes shots (5)'s box out (1)'s rebound pivot deliver ball to (4)'s.

5) (4)'s give the ball back to (1)'s who start passes from the baseline.


Warm Up Basketball Drill #5: SHOOT-BOX-BOARD-OUTLET

Player 1 shoots, if basket is made the player shoots again.

If the basket isn't made. Player 1 in defense box's out the shooter. Player 1 in offense try's to rebound.

Player 1 in defense after boxing out shooter goes for rebound.

After player 1 in defense has rebound they are to pass the ball out to the outlet player 2.

Player 2 is then to pass the ball to player 3.

Player 3 can then shoot a three pointer or go to the free throw line.

Now player 3 becomes the shooter and the other players rotate clockwise.

Thats the end of the drill.