Run The Competition Right Off The Court With These Basketball Transition Drills...

Would you prefer to score with easy lay-ups or tough outside shots? The answer is clear, and thats why you need to train your team to be an unstoppable force on the open court...

Being aggressive on the open court tires the other team out, and best of all, its very exciting and a lot of fun!

This page contains a handful of basketball transition drills that you can use with your team...

Transition Drill #1: WHAT IS IT

2 teams of 5 players each, one team at half-court out of bounds and the other team under the opposite basket. The team at half-court is the defensive team and will play against the team under the basket.

The coach will gather the defense together and tell them what defense to play, without the offensive team hearing. He then walks to the offensive team and tosses them the ball and they start a fastbreak. When the defense sees the offense fast breaking, they run to their defensive positions and play goes on until there is a score or defense gets the ball.

Transition Drill #2: UNLV

Divide into three teams of 3 or 4 players. Two teams begin on defense on opposite sides of the court. The defenders will have 2 players in the key (one at top and one at bottom), the other defender will be at half court (just out of bounds) waiting for the ball to cross half court towards his teammates. Play begins with 3 players on offense ready to attack the defense, on either a primary or secondary break.

When the ball crosses half court, the one defender that is out of bounds runs to center court and then races to help his two teammates defending the basket (3 on 2 turns into a 3 on 3). For the offense to score points they must offensive rebound (2 points) or make a basket (1 point), and (1 point for getting fouled), and they loose a point for a turnover (coaches discretion). If the offense scores they begin the next break towards the other end of the court. If the defense causes a turnover, or get a defensive board or knocks the ball out of bounds, they take off towards the other end of the court to take on the other defense, and the defeated team readies themselves to play defense by sending one person to the center line extended and the other 2 players line up in the key to stop the next offense to attack them.

Transition Drill #3: TRIANGLE TRANSITION

You will start with 3 players under the goal in defensive position. You will have 3 other players under the goal in offensive position. You or your manager will have a ball. You will place 2 guards on the outside in outlet pass position. When the ball is shot the defense has to block out to keep the 3 offensive players from getting the rebound. If for some reason there is an offensive rebound then defense has to play the ball until basket is scored or they secure the rebound. Once the defense gets the rebound or a basket is scored they must get it to their outlet pass person.

The drill will continue down the court where the 5 players (2 outlet and 3 that was on rebound) will run their fast break or any other play that may have been called. Once they have put the ball through the goal on the other end they will come back up the court where the drill started and play against 5 defensive players who have stepped up to pick them up.

Transition Drill #4: THE RABBIT

The twelve players are divided into four teams of three. Only two teams work at a time. One team takes places at the baseline, with one player in the corner, one under the basket and the last one in the opposite corner. The opponent team, faces the previous three taking places opposite them at the extension of the foul line. The team standing at the baseline is the offensive team and the team at the extension of the foul line the defensive team.

Each player from the defensive team gets a number. The first player opposite the corner is '1', the next one is '2' and the last one is '3'. In the offensive team the player under the basket has a ball to start.

The drill begins with the coach shouting out loud a number between 1 to 3. The player whose number has been shouted must run to the baseline, touch it and then return to the other side of the court and try to play defence. The offensive team tries to run and score before the defence recovers.

Transition Drill #5: 1 VS 2-2 VS 1

The players assume a basic three lines drills position on the baseline. The central line one with the ball (offensive player) and those lateral without the ball (defensive players). On the coach's signal the first player with the ball (central line) dribbles the length of the court for a lay-up at the opposite basket. On a second signal from the coach (two or three seconds later), the first player from each of the two lateral lines sprints to stop the ball. After a make or a missed shot the two defenders immediately become offensive players, and the former offensive player sprints back to become the defender in a 2 on 1 defensive situation. After a score the two former defenders must inbound the ball under the basket they have defended.

Transition Drill #6: FAST-BREAK

Start with players in each of the four outlet positions, two players playing defence in each key, and three players at half court (with one ball). The three players at half court go 3 on 2 at either end of the court.

When a shot is taken all five players fight for the rebound. Whoever gets the rebound makes an outlet pass to whichever outlet is closer.The outlet who gets the ball dribbles to the middle of the court, the player who made the pass fills the lane on the side the pass was made to, the other lane is filled by the player in the other outlet position.

These three players now have a 3 on 2 going the other way. The four players who did not get the rebound go to one of the open positions, 2 go to the outlet position and 2 play defence. The same happens at the other end of the court and so on.

Transition Drill #7: 2 VS 2 KILLER

2 player in each corner, first player on each side are one team. Coach with a ball in the middle of the court.

Coach starts drill with call ('GO') and throws ball on the ground. Players sprint and hustle for the ball, the 2 that get the ball are on offense

2 vs. 2 til one team scores. The team that scores goes to the corner on the side where they score. The 'losers' sprint to the other corner.

Next 4 players start.

Transition Drill #8: THREE-MAN CONVERSION

Get three lines of players. 1's and 2's in the middle and 3's-5's in the other two lines. They pass back and forth all the way down. The person in the middle alternates who they are passing it to. As they are going down the court passing they are saying the name that they are passing it to. When the two outside guys get to the opposite free throw line they break to the basket for a lay-up or a alley-oop dunk but it must be finished. After the basket is made it is the same thing down to the other end.

Transition Drill #9: 15 MAN PRESS-BREAK

You have 3 teams of 5 players. Team A, B, C.

- Team A is pressing

- Team B is in press offense.

- Team C is at half court waiting for ANY change of possession so they can come on pressing.

- If you score, you stay on offense and take the ball out going in press offense. Team on the sideline comes in pressing. You get 3 points for breaking a press and 5 points for stopping the offense.

Transition Drill #10: FOUL-SHOT BREAK

Players start in their normal defensive foul shot locations. Your point guard will be at half court and will break on the make to (in this case) the right side of the floor. Your 5 man takes the ball out of bounds as quickly as possible. Your 4 man will trail down the center of the court. Your 3 man will fill the left lane. Your 2 man will break to the hash mark waiting for the pass from the five. The 2 man looks to pass to the one to continue the break or dribbles hard to the center of the court. We run this first without defense then add the defense. You can also tell your three point shooters to spot up. This will also allow you get into your offense quickly.





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