Basketball Shooting Drills To Help Your Squad Knock Down Shots...

There's nothing sweeter in basketball than the pure sound of "swish". As a coach, you want to make sure that your team takes good shots, but you also have to worry about them knocking down the shots.

Good shooting can be very threatening to the opposing team, because they have to cover your players tight, leaving opportunities for your players to drive and score easy lay-ups.

This page contains a handful of basketball shooting drills that you can use with your team...

The shooting drills in this section are a good start, but remember, basketball coaching is about a lot more than running some drills. What you need is a whole system.

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Below, you can read the different basketball shooting drills in this section:


Basketball Shooting Drill #1: SHOOTING 101

One player starts with the ball under the basket. The other player spots up from any spot on the floor. The ball is passed to the shooter who catches the ball low with his knees bent and shoots a jump shot. He gets his own rebound while the passer now spots up to shoot. After a pass is made get a hand in the shooter's face and go game speed.

Basketball Shooting Drill #2: FREE THROW DRILL

Have a player shoot 10 free throws. However many he misses have the team run that many conditioners. Then have the same person shoot how many he missed the first time, and have them run how many he missed the second time. Repeat until he gets to zero.

Basketball Shooting Drill #3: Increase Your Range

Its great to have good range, especially since defenders don't guard you as tightly two or three feet outside the arc. Follow this basketball shooting drill to improve your long range shot...

This drill is most effective with 2 players, but it can also be performed with one. Begin with one player standing 15 feet from the basket, and the other underneath rebounding. The rebounder passes the ball to the shooter, who quickly catches and shoots. The shooter then gets his/her own rebound, and passes it to the other player who has now set up for a shot at 15 feet. The two players continue shooting, getting their own rebound, and passing until they have made a combined 5 shots. The shooters then move out to the 3 point line, and make 5 shots together. They then move out at least a step beyond the 3 point line, and as far as the NBA three point line if they have the range. After 5 shots are made, they return to the college three point line and make 5, then make 5 at 15 feet. When the players return to the college 3 point line and the 15 footers, they will seem like easier shots than they did before.

The purpose of begining and finishing the drill at 15 feet is to remind the players that the form should be the same regardless of distance.

Basketball Shooting Drill #4: SIDE STEP 3-POINT SHOT

Start at the top of the key and sidestep down to the base line, outide of the 3 point line. When you get to the baseline, sidestep back to the top of the key then sidestep to the opposite base line. When you get warmed up have some one pass you the ball as your keep sidestepping from baseline to baseline. Where ever you get the ball, shoot it. Have the person keep getting the rebounds and passing them to you. This basketball shooting drill is also good for three-point contests.

Basketball Shooting Drill #5: SPOT SHOOTING

You should have teams of 4,5, or 6 players each. Divide them at the baskets. Line up at the low post, facing the basket. There are 4 shooting spots, low post right, elbow right, elbow left, low post left. Each player has to make 10 shots + 10 lay ups at each spot. Loser gets push-ups, winner encourages the loser.

Basketball Shooting Drill #6: ELBOW TO ELBOW

You get a partner that is standing near the goal. You move to either elbow and your partner feeds you the ball. You then square up and shoot. Right after you have released you turn and run and touch half court and come back to the other key. Then your partner feeds you the ball again and you repeat. - Concentrate on hustling back and forth between shots(this will simulate getting tired in a game) - Also focus on your form and don't let it collapse after you start to get tired

Basketball Shooting Drill #7: BANK SHOT

Stand under basket as far as you can and still shoot a bank shot. Do 50 to 100 reps.

This is one of the most under rated drills because its so simple. It promotes proper form while strengthning the arm. The number of reps also promotes instintive ablity to square up properly and shoot with good form.

Also the speed at which you can rebound and go back up allows you to do this drill in a short amount of time. You can also do several sets of 50-100 reps as you advance and still finish ibn a short period of time.The key to this drill is to stand as far under the basket as you can and still bank the shot.

Basketball Shooting Drill #8: PIVOT SHOT

The passer has the ball and stands on the perimeter. player 2 stands outside of the three-second area. Player 1 is the defensive player and stands between player 2 and the baseline. The other players form a line behind player 3 behind the baseline.

Player 2 posts up, raises his ballside hand, and receives the ball. He pivots on his outside foot away from player 1, squares up, and shoots a jump shot.

If player 1 moves in front of player 2, player 2 steps to his non-pivot foot, sealing off player 1, and then makes a power layup to the basket.

Basketball Shooting Drill #9: WIRE CATCH SHOOTING

You Split the players up into 3. A third of the player's line up under the basket, another third at the free throw line and another third at the half court line.

You give the ball to the people at the free throw line then they pass it to the person in the half court line while the person at the half court line is on the move toward the 3 point line, he shoots it.

The 1st person in the line under the basket stands in front of the basket and gets the rebound, turns and faces and passes out to the free throw line. After the person in the free throw line passes it he goes to the shooting line. After the shooter shoots he goes to the rebound line. After the rebounder rebounds he goes to the free throw line.

Basketball Shooting Drill #10: THREE SPOT GAME

Make two groups with the same amount of players and place them about three feet outside the zone near the baseline. The first player shoots, grabs his own rebound, dribbles down the court and makes a lay-up, dribbles back to the freethrow-line closest to the point he started out from and finishes the drill with a freethrow. He gives the ball to the next player. The other group does exactly the same.

Basketball Shooting Drill #11: THE SHOT DOCTOR

-Player one starts underneath the basket with the basketball. -He then throws the ball out to player two who is standing at the three-point line. -Player one then boxes out the coach or manager with a pad as player two shoots the ball. -Player one must then rebound the shot, and while this is going on player two makes a v-cut towards the basket. -Player one then makes a pass as player two gets close to the basket. -The coach or manager then makes contact with the pad on player two who shoots a layup. -While player two is shooting his/her lay-up, player one sprints out to the next outside shot-spot. -The drill then repeats steps one through six.

Basketball Shooting Drill #12: TEAM FREE THROWS

Have one player on the free throw line. The other players are all lined up one behind the other on the sideline. The rest of the team begins to make laps around the court (usually timed). The person at the free throw line must make three free throws in a row, if he misses the team takes another lap. This continues until the shooter makes three in a row. Then the next person in line goes to the free throw line and the drill starts over again until everyone shoots free throws.

Basketball Shooting Drill #13: 33 POINT SHOOTING DRILL

Start in the corner. Shoot a 3 pt. shot off a spin back toss, follow and rebound the ball and sprint back and touch the 3 point line where shot was just taken from and pivot toward basket, take 1 hard dribble covering as much space as possible and shot jump shot off the dribble. Follow shot and rebound. Sprint back to the original 3 pt. spot, pivot and shoot a driving lay-up on side you are facing.

-3 Pt. shot counts 3 points. -Jump shot counts 2 points. -Lay-up is worth 1 point.

Do this repetition at each of the other 4 spots. Each spot has 6 possible points. 30 points are possible from those 5 spots.

Basketball Shooting Drill #14: CONTINUOUS THREE ON THREE

12 players get into 3 lines with 4 in each line at the half line facing the basket. One line is in the middle and the other 2 out wide on the sides. Alternate colors or skins/shirts in each line. The first player in each line steps out to be on defense--(3 skins). The next 3 players (3 shirts) will be on offense and attack the basket 3 on 3.

The offense will try to score by screening the ball, screening away from the ball or give and go cuts.

The defense of course will try to stop the offense by creating a turnover or rebounding a missed shot. When the defense rebounds a missed shot or steals the ball they must outlet to the next player in the outside line who then passes to the middle line. If the offense scores the defense must step out of bounds and throw the pass to the outside line. When the ball gets back to the middle the next 3 players attack the basket.

The players who were just on offense must turn and defend the new offensive team. You keep alternating from offense to defense. After playing defense you run wide off the court and get back into the lines at the halfline.

Basketball Shooting Drill #15: JUMP SHOTS UNDER PRESSURE

Start with two players; one with a basketball under the basket, and one in his shooting range. Player 1 (with the ball) makes a pass to player 2, and charges at the player to defend against the shot. Player 2 must catch the ball in proper shooting position, square to the basket, focus on the rim, and shoot the jump shot. Player 1 may not try to block the shot; instead, he may distract the shooter by yelling or waving his hands.

After the shot is released, Player 1 must block out Player 2 until the ball hits the floor. Players rotate from offense to defense on each shot. Allow each player to take 5 shots from spots on the floor that they will shoot from in a game.

This is more than just a basketball shooting drill, it will help defensively as well.

Basketball Shooting Drill #16: FULL COURT SHOOTING

You will need 4 lines (2 on each baseline) in the corners.

Each line will require a ball

To start the drill have 3 players start at half court (like Three-man weave) Player (A) in the center, player (B) on left wing and player (C) on right wing. Ball is in player a hand, passes to player (B), player (B) passes back to (A), player a passes to player (C), player (C) takes 1 dribble and shoot the lay-up. Player (B) receives pass from baseline and takes jump shot, player a receives pass from opposite side baseline person for jump shot (passes from baseline should happen simultaneously)

A and B fill in on baseline lines. Player C gets rebound and starts back up the floor in the middle with two new players on each side from the baseline lines. The player in the middle should (ideally)make only 1 pass to each side in order to get full length of floor.