Offensive Basketball Plays: Out Of Bounds

In a clutch situation, with the clock running down, you need some good out of bounds plays to get an easy bucket.

To run an out of bounds play, every player has to be in position and the execution needs to be perfect.

The great thing is that these types of plays are very hard to defend, and they can bring in some quick points.

This page contains a handful of out of bounds plays that you can practice with your team...


Offensive Basketball Play #1: ARGENTINA

2 and 5 screen for 1 in the lane. 1 cuts through to the corner. 3 passes to 1.

4 sets a downscreen for 2 who rubs off of 5 to get to 4's screen. 4 slips off of 5 after setting the screen to post up. 1 looks to 2 at the top of the key, then to 4 posting up.

  Offensive Basketball Play #2: BASELINE1

2 jumps back and gets a skip pass from 1. 2 dribbles to the opposite side of the court. In the mean time 1 uses the screen of 5 to get open for a shot. Other options skip pass to 3 if defense falls back. 4 steps in after a fake and gets the ball in the bucket. 5 opens up after the screen and gets the ball inside.

Offensive Basketball Play #3: BASELINE11


5 goes to the opposite corner of the bucket and reverses direction. 4 steps out behind the 3 point arc. 3 goes inside. 2 is the last to go and goes to the corner.

Offensive Basketball Play #4: BASELINE15

5 sets a screen for 1. 1 uses the screen of 5 and gets free in the corner. In mean time 4 sets a screen for 5. 5 uses the screen of 4 to get free in the basket. 4 shouldn't forget to roll to receive the ball or the rebound. 2 tries to get free in the 3 point area for a skip pass.

Offensive Basketball Play #5: BASELINE17


Fast movement is the key to this one. 2 goes to the corner. 5 goes outside for the 3 pointer. 4 goes inside and the to the outside of the bucket. 3 goes straight through the bucket.

Offensive Basketball Play #6: BASELINE18

Player 4 is the first to move and sets a screen for players 3 and 5 which cross. Players 3 and 5 uses the screen to get free inside the bucket. After the screen player 4 rolls to the corner of the bucket. Player 2 is the savety option outside the in 3 point land. Player 4 should be a physical strong player.

Offensive Basketball Play #7: BULLETS-BOX SIDELINE


This play is great against heavy deny pressure. 5 screens 1 step into the lane for 4. 4 rubs off 5 and goes to the corner. 5 steps back to the ball at the 3 point line. 2 screens for 1. 1 rubs off 2 and comes high to the ball.

2 screens for 1 just as 1 gets into position. -Option 1: 1 rubs off 2 and basket cuts for the lob. 3 pass to 1. -Option 2: 3 pass to 5. 5 pass to 1. -Option 3: 5 handoff to 3 for drive. -Option 4: 3 Pass to 4. 4 looks for 1, 3, 5, shot, or reset the offense.

Offensive Basketball Play #8: DOUBLE2


2 and 5 move to set fake double for 1. 1 cuts hard and high to point (using 3) looking for shot. 2 curls hard off 5 screen. 4 makes inbound.

After entering to 1, 4 and 5 form double screen. 3 dives to block. 1 improves angle and looks at 3 or 1.

Offensive Basketball Play #9: PRESS-BREAKER

Side line press break. 1 screens for 2...

1 screens for 2 then 3 screens for 1...

The options are 2 gets open off 1's screen. 1 then breaks hard to the basket off 3's screen. The pass goes to 1, then play two on one going to the basket.

Offensive Basketball Play #10: SIDE-OUT RUSSIA

5 down screens for 1. 2 passes to 1. 2 cuts through and comes off of a double screen by 3 and 4.

1 reverses the ball to 2. 5 cuts to the ball side short corner. 4 sets a back screen for 1 for a back cut opportunity.