Your Step-by-Step Guide to Instantly Improve All Areas of Your Basketball Game & Dominate the Court with Authority!


Listen up, are you seriously ready to crush the competition and become the best baller you can be?

Is it in you to stick to this "proven plan" for becoming a well-rounded, un-stoppable player?

Important: Nothing comes real easy. You will have to be dedicated, put in some effort, and make small sacrifices to achieve this ultimate goal...

Okay, so you've heard that practice makes perfect...

But, lets assume that you're not practicing right... What if the "way" you are practicing is not getting you the best results.

The best example is two people practicing their jump-shots.... One player has a personal trainer, proper equipment, and the right knowledge on "how" to practice. The other player has no personal trainer, very little equipment, and doesn't know a whole lot. Who do you think is going to develop a better jump-shot?

You better believe that proper equipment & knowledge can help you achieve spectacular results in very little time, and we'll show you how...

Below, you have a 5-Step Plan to quickly improve all parts of your basketball game. Here's an outline of this 5-Step Plan:


Follow this 5-Step Plan and just watch your friends and coaches being amazed by your dominating performance. Just don't tell them the secret...



Step 1:
Download Your Two Free Exclusive Reports

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So thats it, step one is complete! Go ahead and move on to step 2, below:


Step 2:
Improve Your Speed, Quickness, & Vertical Jump

There are two "secret weapons" that will make you blazing fast, lightning quick, and boost your vertical jump by 200%...

These "secret weapons" are what will set you apart from all other players around you.

The truth is, most players have heard of "vertical jump" and "speed training" programs...

But, most players do not train with these "secret weapons", and when You train with them, you'll truly develop your much faster and much better than everyone else. Are you ready to blow past your defender & dunk with authority?

So what are the 2 secrets?

Weapon #1:  The JumpSoles V. 5.0, the most well-designed, professionally recommended platform training shoes available today.

JumpSoles are being used by NBA, NCAA, NFL, and MBL players and team trainers!

They are, by far, our top recommendation for sky-rocketing your vertical jump, and here's why:

  • Humans are heel-footed, while the fastest animals are fore-footed:

    • Platform shoes keep you on the balls of your feet, keeping your heels off the floor.

    • When you train in platform shoes, you are becoming fore-footed, meaning that you'll be automatically programmed to take-off from the balls of your feet, being quicker and more explosive like swift animals such as tigers and panthers.

  • On platform shoes, you are isolating and radically challenging your calves and lower leg muscles:

    • Calves and lower-leg muscles are the most under-trained muscle group in the lower body, and with the JumpSoles, you'll be isolating them for a maximum workout.

    • The kind of stimulation and workout your calves and lower leg mucles get on the JumpSoles CANNOT be duplicated in the gym with weight-equipment.

  • JumpSoles have built-in proprioception capability: A revolutionary new way of training:

    • Proprioception is a revolutionary new athletic training style that uses controlled de-stabilitization to sharpen neuro-muscular reflexes.

    • In english, its basically where you workout on an un-even surface where you lower leg muscles have to work extra hard to balance. Professional team trainers are noticing their athletes being more sure-footed, faster, and much more injury resistant.

    • The Jump-Soles come with proprioception built-in, which can help you achieve 200% better and faster results than NOT training with proprioception!

  • JumpSoles V 5.0 are the most well-designed, sturdy pair of platform shoes on the market. They are built to last you a liftime...And, they are especially designed to be very safe and cushioned.



  • Used by the Brazilian World Cup Soccer Team
  • Used by the NCAA Wisconsin Badgers
  • Used by many NBA Players
  • Guaranteed for 1 Full Year - Not 30, 60, or 90 Days, but 1 Full Year Money Back Guarantee

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Overall, the JumpSoles can help you sky-rocket your vertical jump up to 200%, and they are built to last a lifetime. Surprisingly, they are more affordable than the majority of platform trainers on the market, and they get the highest recommendations from Professional team trainers and athletes.

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Weapon #2The SkyKing Calf Isolator: A University-tested training aid that literally turns your calf muscle into a powerful spring...

This is an exciting new training aid that was recently developed by the Vertical Power Company, and it can help you achieve mad hops, quickness, balance, and flexibility.

Along with the JumpSoles, this is a must-have weapon in your arsenal, and here's why:

  • The SkyKing Calf Isolator is backed by legitimate University Studies, and its proven to work.

  • Its gives your calves a unique workout that no other equipment can match:

    • You start off in a super-stretched position, instantly improving your flexibility, this is very unique.

    • Then, from this super-stretched position, you apply resistance with your feet, and the resistance progressively increases! What this means is that the resistance does not stay constant, it increases very square inch.

    • At the top of your "rep", it provides isometric resistance, which is the key to recruiting those hard to get fast-twitch muscle fibers, the ones responsible for explosiveness.

  • The Calf Isolator is completely safe and portable. It causes virtually no impact on your joints, sparing you from injuries and problems.

  • You will build un-matched knee and ankle strength, due to the unique harnessed position in which you use it.

  • It is especially useful in building your lateral quickness and explosive first-step.

  • The recovery time is very short. You can use this training aid every other day, and it will make you run faster and jump higher in only 7 days!


  • Backed by the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
  • Patent-Pending Technology
  • Builds the calves, achilles, knees, ankles, & arches of feet
  • Works very uniquely with progressive, isometric resistance starting from a super-stretched position.
  • See results in less than one week!

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Truly, there is nothing like the SkyKing Calf Isolator on the market. It will build your calves, ankles, and knees as powerful springs that explode with lightning quickness, and fast, explosive jumping. It'll work instantly, giving you solid results in only 7 days! 

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Together, the JumpSoles V 4.0 and SkyKing Calf Isolator are MUST-HAVE weapons in your arsenal. You can spend less time while training to become an extremely powerful, blazing quick, slam-dunking machine!

If you are truly serious about becoming the best baller you can be, then do yourself a favor... Pick up both revolutionary training aids for less than the price of one video game system:

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Step 3:
Improve Your Defense and Rebounding

Are you ready to get sneaky steals, get monster blocks, and pull down mad rebounds in heavy traffic?

Look, defense and rebounding are more important than offense, and thats because both of these things actually create offense.

When you play good "D", you will force turnovers and get easy buckets on the other end. Good rebounding can also create easy put-backs and shots.

More importantly, defense wins championships, and great rebounding makes the coaches love you.

Don't worry, you'll have time to improve your offense, just follow our advice and take it step-by-step:

The first thing you need to do to improve your defense & rebounding is complete Step 1 & Step 2...

  • Step 1 gives you two free reports that will help you increase your vertical jump and improve your speed & quickness virtually overnight.

  • Step 2 shows you the "secret weapons" for sky-rocketing your vertical jump, making you lightning quick, and giving you blazing speed.

  • Without quickness, speed, and great jumping ability, you cannot become a great defender or rebounder, so go back and complete step 1 and step 2 if you haven't done so.


  • The next thing you need to do to become a "shut-you-down" defender and dominant rebounder is to have NBA basketball players & trainers teach you and show you how...

Sound expensive? Do you think you'll need to hire NBA Professional players & trainers? Don' worry, you won't...

Here's how you can have the NBA's Most Improved Player in 2002-2003, Gilbert Arenas, and world-renowned Coach Rick Torbett talk to you and show you how to shut down any type of offensive player:

The Better Basketball Prosfessional Video Series: Better 1 on 1 Defense

Wouldn't it be nice to have one of the best NBA players show you exactly how to play better defense?

Here's what you'll learn in the Better 1-on-1 Defense Video:

  • Learn the keys to shutting down every type of scorer - penetrating guards, post players, slashers, and shooters.

  • Focuses on the essence of the defensive end - 1 on 1 defense. There's no talk of zones, help defense, trapping, etc. When it comes down to you and your man, can you get the stop?

  • Explains, in detail, how to defend the best moves (such as the crossover) toughest situations (such as a player in triple threat) and most frustrating situations (such as a bigger player slowly backing you down).

  • Broken down into 8 chapters, here's what you'll learn in each chapter:

    • Chapter 1: The basics of stance
    • Chapter 2: Defensive footwork - Speed through efficiency
    • Chapter 3: Defending the Dribbler
    • Chapter 4: Defending the pivot on the perimeter
    • Chapter 5: Defending the Post
    • Chapter 6: Defending the Shot
    • Chapter 7: Workouts and Drills
    • Chapter 8: Game Hints

The greatest advantage Better 1-on-1 Defense has over other training videos is that you are learning all the tips, tricks, & secrets from the best Professionals in the world... And, this video does an excellent job in explaining to you "WHY" you do something. Understanding "why" you do something helps you remember it much better. 

Pick Up Your Copy of Better 1-on-1 Defense at an Excellent Bargain Here...


As for rebounding, great athleticism, defense, and footwork will automatically make you a better rebounder. For free tips on becoming a better rebounder, click here...



Step 4:
Improve Your Ball Handling and Passing

Now you're ready for ankle-breaking cross-overs, lightning quick handles, and slick, perfect passing...

But first, if you haven't completed Step 1 & Step 2 to improve your speed, quickness, & vertical jumping, then go ahead and do that right now...

Even if you're a big-man, you can benefit a lot from improving your ball-handling and passing. Just look at Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett. Who can defend these guys? They both have excellent ball-handling and passing skills.

Even Shaq, for his size, can dribble and pass really well. Same with Yao Ming...

So, the first thing you need to do to become a better ball-handler and passer is to have Professional NBA players show you how to be the best:

Just like in Step 3, we are highly recommended two outstanding videos that will slash your learning curve and show you exactly how to develop killer cross-overs, mad handles, & slick passing...

The reason we are NOT recommending "written information" or "free material" is because you can learn a lot faster and a lot better by actually "watching" one of the best NBA players:



The Better Basketball Professional Video Series: Better Ball-Handling

  • Better Ball Handling - Dribble Like The Pros covers all the techniques, drills, and workouts you'll need to develop great handles...

  • 115 dribbling drills demonstrated by
    twelve yr old phenom Andy Garcia

  • Entire sections on moves such as the Crossover, Spin, Behind the Back, Power Spin, Stutter Step, Pull-Back Crossover, and the Half-Spin and Lean-In!

  • Extreme details on the keys to making all of these moves work

  • 9 dribbling workouts/training methods


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The Better Basketball Professional Video Series:
Better Passing

  • Better Passing breaks down an incredible
    FORTY-TWO game situations! And that's less
    than half the video.

  • For each situation, you'll learn to quickly read the defense, your teammates, and then how to execute the perfect pass.

  • The video also contains 13 game hints, 16 drills, 22 passes, and more!

  • Throughout Better Passing, you'll get to pick the brain of one of basketball's most intelligent and respected fundamental players and passers, Mike Bibby!

  • Mike adds hardcore details to Coach Torbett's content, and he even reveals his favorite moves, how he prepares for a game, and much more!

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As we mentioned earlier, there's nothing like the Better Basketball Videos available anywhere... Thats because you're learning from the best Professionals in the world, and you're learning the details behind everything. Get Better Ball-Handling and Better Passing to start improving right away.


The second thing you need to do is get this innovative product that will really improve your ball handling:

The NayPalm Dribbling and Shooting Aid

  • The best way to handle the ball is with your fingertips.
  • In fact, the fingertips are key for passing and shooting as well!
  • The Naypalm will keep your palm off the rock, training you to use your fingertips for maximum control!
  • It will strengthen your fingers and wrists.
  • It will also help improve your weaker hand.
  • You'll be able to move much better with the ball.

Blow Past Defenders With Ankle-Breaking Crossovers - Get the NayPalm! 



Step 5:
Improve Your Shooting and Offensive Game

Now its time to turn you into an un-stoppable scoring machine...

Keep in mind that before you work on your offense, you need to have your athleticism, defense, and rebounding down.

In fact, the first thing you need to do to become an unstoppable scoring machine is to complete Step 1, Step 2, and Step 4 at the very least! So please go back and complete these steps and then, come on back here...

Offense can seem a bit complicated, but it really doesn't have to be. You don't need a ton of moves or be able to hit tough, acrobatic shots.

If you have a decent handle, good speed, and good vertical jump, you can get good looks at the hoop and score at will.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown on what you need to do to become an offensive powerhouse:

  • First off, get to work on improving your ball-handling and passing skills. You can learn how to do this by going back and completing Step 4.

  • Next, give yourself the hot hand with the Shooting Bandit: A complete shooting system that includes a revolutionary training aid, video, and manual:

The Shooting Bandit: Revolutionary Device That Automatically Develops the Perfect Shooting Form in You

  • We've looked at many different shooting aids, but nothing comes close to being as good, as complete, and as affordable as the Shooting Bandit (above), and here's why:

    • Trains your arms to release the ball with perfect form every time.
    • It does not allow you arm to be under, or over the proper firing position.
    • Develops muscle memory in your arms, so you shoot with perfect form automatically, without thinking.
    • Widely used by all types of high-school, NCAA, and Professional players.

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  • Okay, now that you have the training aid, its time to learn in-depth shooting techniques. Here's the best availabe information to help you become a great shooter:

Better Basketball Professional Video Series: Better Shooting!

  • Better Shooting is the only basketball instructional or enhancement product ever endorsed by SLAM, the world's largest basketball magazine.

  • Lead instructor Rick Torbett's teams recently shot over 40% from 3 for three straight years, a feat only 1 NBA team has accomplished any of the the last three seasons. Bottom line, his techniques are proven to work - for any player!

  • The amount of high caliber content on this video is truly amazing. There are so many revolutionary techniques that many NBA and college coaches consider it their "shooting bible."

  • Here's what you'll learn in each of the 7 chapters:

    • Chapter 1: Building Proper Shooting Technique
    • Chapter 2: Using Your Eyes to Make More Shots
    • Chapter 3: Understanding and Building Proper Footwork
    • Chapter 4: Common Bad Habits and How to Get Rid of Them
    • Chapter 5: Training with a Partner
    • Chapter 6: Special Hints to Improve Your Shot
    • Chapter 7: Mis-conceptions

Pick up Your Copy of Better Shooting Here


  • Are You Ready For the Last & Final Step To Becoming an Un-Stoppable Scoring Machine? Here's the last thing you need:

For Guards & Small Forwards

Better Basketball Video Series: Better 1-on-1 Offense!

  • With nearly four hours of techniques, you really can't appreciate this thing until you see it for yourself.

  • The video details all the tools any player needs to build a perimeter scoring repertoire. This includes the basics from triple threat , a chapter on maximizing your quickness potential, working the ball screen, and learning to read and react to the defender whether you're working from a pivot, off the dribble, pressured tightly, or finishing at the goal.

    Plus, bonus sections from:
  • Sue Bird, who has won a championship in high school, college, the WNBA, and in the Olympics

  • Chauncey Billups, who has improved statistically every year he's been in the pros, and was the 2004 Finals MVP

  • And Hall-of-Famer Rick Barry, a man who has put 4 sons into pro basketball, and the only man to lead the NCAA, ABA, and NBA in scoring.

  • Here's what you'll learn in each of the 8 chapters:
  • Chapter 1: Triple Attack Tools
  • Chapter 2: First Step Explosion
  • Chapter 3: Read and React
  • Chapter 4: Beating Defensive Pressure
  • Chapter 5: The Mid-Range
  • Chapter 6: Finishing
  • Chapter 7: Attacking with the Dribble
  • Chapter 8: The Ball Screen




Get Your Copy of Better 1-on-1 Offense Now!





For Big Men

Better Basketball Video Series: Better Post Play!

  • The definitive video on playing inside, Better Post Play is the most comprehensive and detailed collection of post techniques ever produced.

  • You'll not only get four chapters on scoring, but thoughts on the mentality of a great post player, the fundamentals of playing inside, even two chapters devoted to just getting open.

  • Then, 61 minutes from All-Star Jermaine O'Neal. Articulate, intelligent, and well coached, Jermaine dives into incredible detail on playing inside, and also explains his off season training secrets, how he dominates the defensive end and the boards, and much more...

  • Then, 37 minutes from 2004 Olympic Gold Medallist Tamika Catchings. She discusses playing inside, her three favorite moves, dealing with the stresses of professional basketball, even what it takes to make the pros!

  • Here's what you'll learn in each of the 10 chapters:

    • Chapter 1: Post Philosophy
    • Chapter 2: Fundamentals
    • Chapter 3: Getting Open Vs. Zones
    • Chapter 4: Getting Open Vs. Man to Man
    • Chapter 5: Scoring Before You Get the Ball
    • Chapter 6: The Airtime Advantage
    • Chapter 7: Back to the Basket
    • Chapter 8: The Pro Stance
    • Chapter 9: The Extremes: Short Corner and High Post
    • Chapter 10: Just the Moves, One After Another!

Get Your Hands on Better Post Play Here




Final Remarks

Dear basketball player,

You now have the most potent 5-Step system to become a deadly offensive, defensive, and rebounding force...

Your team-mates are about to be impressed, your coaches are going to love you...

But, the most important thing to remember is that you have to make small sacrifices to reach your goal. If you feel that these are a lot of products, they cost too much money, and you don't have the time, then take a look at these facts:

  • We've recommended to you ONLY the best, most effective training aids. You'll see that there are 100's of training aids and videos available out there, but we've hand-selected only the GREATEST training aids, saving you money and hassle.
  • Most people will easily spend $300-$400 on a new video game system and games, music cd's, portable dvd players and more. For the same cost, you can pick up the ultimate training aids and videos that will last you a lifetime!

  • If you feel that the cost and time is too much, then remember, there's always someone else ready to make these small sacrifices and become the blazing fast, lightning quick, slam-dunking basketball machine that you have the power to be.

We've done the work and research for you, giving you a step-by-step plan ... It is now up to you to put the plan in action and dominate the competition with authority!


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