Basketball Footwork Drills For Explosive Moves...

Good footwork is so important in basketball... Without it, its hard to move with the ball and off the ball...

Great footwork is essential for playing defense, rebounding, ball handling, and virtually all other types of skills.

This page contains a handful of footwork drills that you can practice with your team...:

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Below, you can see the team footwork drills on this page:






Basketball Footwork Drill #1: BOSTON DRILL

Players required: 8 or more.

Players 1, 4 etc. line up underneath the hoop at one end of the court. At the other end you place a passer (with ball) and a rebounder.

Player 1 sprints towards center circle. Here he step-slides to one of the corners (in this example he chooses the left handed corner). Once player 1 has reached mid-court, player 4 starts his sprint and so on.

Player 1 sprints towards mid-court and step-slides to the other side. Here he sprints to the bucket and receives a pass from player 2. He makes a strong drive towards the hoop and finishes with a lay-up. Player 3 catches the rebound and replaces player 2. Player 2 lines up underneath the hoop on the other side. Player 1 replaces player 3 as rebounder.

Make your players run the circuit 5 times ending with a right handed lay-up and 5 times with a left handed. Keep up the pace with this intense basketball footwork drill!



Basketball Footwork Drill #2: COMBINATION

This basketball footwork drill is used to practice many different footwork aspects of the game.

Please note that the circled numbers are used to number the various parts of the drill (as described below) rather than players.

To begin drill players line up behind baseline at left hand edge of key.

1. Player closes out an imaginary defender at the elbow. (Emphasise: sprint first half, get in good defensive position, squeaky shoes and use voice "ball ball ball") 2. Player drop-steps and shuffles back and forth across the width of the key. (Emphasise: push hard to drop step, make it quick, feet don't come together) 3. Player closes out another imaginary defender at the three-point line. 4. Player shuffles around the three point line to corner. (Emphasise: good stance all the way, big then bigger stance, stay low, no bobbing heads) 5. Player practices explosive change of directions (zig-zag) up the sideline. (Emphasise: explosiveness) 6. Player sprints to centre circle where they jump stop, forward pivot 360 degrees and footfire (pitter-patter) in defensive stance 20 times. (Emphasise: aggressive pivots) 7. Player sprints to sideline where they stride stop, backward pivot 360 degrees and footfire again 20 times. 8. Player gets in defensive stance, defensive slide (gets beaten by imaginary offense), sprints back, slides again etc. (EmphasiZe: use imagination, work hard)

Player joins end of line.

Subsequent players can begin once previous player completes step 2.

Basketball Footwork Drill #3: DRIBBLE AND SLIDE

This drill start off with a dribble of player one to the other side of the court.

When player 1 reaches the middle line player 2 starts his defensive footwork to the other side of the court.

When player one reaches the baseline he places the ball on the court and start defensive footwork to the other baseline.

Where a ball is waiting for him/her.

When player two reaches the ball one has placed on the baseline he picks it up and starts dribbling to the other side.

The rest of the drill is a repeat of the steps described before.

Make sure that when in defensive mode the players switch their leading leg. (with an even amount of player let them watch the same wall all the time)

Basketball Footwork Drill #4: X

1 will slide to marked spot, drop step and slide to next spot etc. When raches end of section jog to base line, 3 quick push ups and begins again.

When 1 has reached FT line next player goes, encourage athletes to communicate so they don' run into each ohter, explain how this "talk" helps on defense.