For Speed, Stamina, & Agility, Run These Basketball Conditioning Drills...

One of the biggest mistakes many players make is to play basketball to condition themselves...

The rule is: Get conditioned to play your sport, don't play your sport to get conditioned.

Good conditioning can mean the difference in a close game... Its those last few minutes, when everyone's tired, that the well conditioned can shine through and create plays.

This page contains a handful of basketball conditioning drills that you can practice with your team...

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Below, you can click the different conditioning drills in this section:

Basketball Conditioning Drill #1: SPEEDY

Get in to defensive slide position (this can be used with or without a coach) if there is no coach picture one. Shuffle in defensive slide in the direction that your coach points. When the coach blows the whistle stop shuffling and pitter patter until he blows the whistle again. Then when he blows the whistle again do a push-up, get up and repeat.

Basketball Conditioning Drill #2: THE DECK

You put a deck of cards at half court. Hearts represent lane slides, diamonds represent sprints, clubs represent wall touches or plyo jumps and spades equal pushups/situps. The whole team lines up on the sideline. The first person comes and gets a card. Whatever number he draws that is the number the team does. Jokers equal waterbreaks.

Basketball Conditioning Drill #3: POWER MOVE JUMP DRILL

The player faces the backboard and stands one foot away from it. The player jumps with both feet and touches the backboard with both hands.

After he hits the floor, the player sidesteps with his inside leg to the other side of the rim. The player then brings his legs together and jumps to the other side of the rim.

The player should repeat the drill ten times and should then complete three sets of ten repetitions.

Basketball Conditioning Drill #4: BACK-DOOR MOVE DRILL

The player stands at the baseline. The player runs to the foul line extended area. The player plants his outside foot and shows his outside hand. The player stays low to the ground, pushes off his inside foot while showing his inside hand, and looks for a pass for a layup.

Basketball Conditioning Drill #5: STEP-OVER JUMP DRILL

The player moves toward her right, stepping over with her left leg. The player brings her feet together and jumps. As she hits the floor, the player begins to move to the left, stepping over with her right leg. The player brings her feet together and jumps. The player zigzags the court as she continues in this fashion. The player should repeat the drill ten times and should then complete three sets of ten repetitions.

Basketball Conditioning Drill #6: VENTURE DRILL

The player starts on the baseline underneath the rim. On demand he sprints to the near sideline even with the free throw line. From there he changes directions and sprints to mid-court.

Once at mid-court the player slaps the floor into defensive stance and proceeds in a zig zag fashion to the free throw line. Then, he moves towards the lane line underneath the rim. From there he or she sprints to the near sideline. Once at the sideline the player back pedals to opposite baseline. This drill can be done for reps or time.

Basketball Conditioning Drill #7: 5 SPOT CONDITIONING

Players shoot jump shots at five different spots on the floor. In between each shot they sprint and defensive slide. Outline five spots, all on one half of the floor (left or right) for the kids to shoot their jumpers from. Players start at the first spot with a jumper, after shooting they sprint to the point where the half court line intersects the out of bounds line. (note: the spots for shooting should start at the baseline and move up towards the free throw line). After sprinting there, they reverse pivot (as to face the baseline underneath the rim) and defensive slide to the middle of the court, defensive slide back to the point where the half court line intersects the out of bounds line and sprint to the next shooting spot. Shoot at spot number two and repeat the sprint/slide sequence.

Basketball Conditioning Drill #8: BIG BOX

This is a running drill meant to be run very hard.

You start with a line in one corner. You sprint up the the whole sideline to the opposite corner. You then shuffle down the end line/baseline underneath the rim to the other corner. When you shuffle you have to keep your feet from crossing in a defensive stance. When you get to the other corner you start back pedaling all the way to the opposite endline/baseline. When reaching the other corner you shuffle as before to the first foul line. You sprint to the center line and turn around backwards going back to the foul line. Then get back in line to do it again.

Basketball Conditioning Drill #9: CHICAGO FIRE-DRILL

This is a super conditioning drill but very physically demanding. This drill is used by the Chicago Bulls daily. You will have to read this drill a few times before you understand it.

Equipment: 1 Basketball, 2 chairs and 4 colored scrimmage vest per team.

Drill begins with ball being placed in bounds at halfcourt Team A and B are on one end of the court. Two players from Team C are sitting in chairs at half-court and other two players are tandem at the other basket.

Team A places ball in play trying to score against Team B. On change of possession (either made basket by Team A) or Team B (steals or rebounds missed shot), Team B transitions into front court against Team C.

Team A which lost possesion of the ball, transitions 2 players to the chairs. The remaining two players from Team A are now inactive.

The two players from Team C who are sitting in chairs can't get out of chairs until ball crosses halfcourt.

After ball crosses half-court, these players must run to center court and touch hands with the players from Team A(non-defenders) that ran out towards the chairs. After touching, both players transition to help other Team C team members stop Team B.

If you have more than 12 players, you can rotate another set of players in when one team scores a predetermined number of baskets.

Basketball Conditioning Drill #10: KENTUCKY LAY-UPS

Have 5 players stand under the basket at both ends of the court. Have a coach stand on the elbow on one end and another coach stand on the elbow at the other end. Have a player step out with a ball on both ends. This sets up the basketball conditioning drill...

Each player tosses the ball up against the backboard, rebounds it and makes a pass to the coach on the elbow. The player then takes off receiving a pass in a variety of situations; normally a shovel, or over head pass before they reach the half line.

Now both players on both ends are coming down hard to shoot a lay-up. Once the lay-up is made the group on the basket ends yell one..two .three etc to keep count on both ends.

The player next in line waits to rebound the ball off the make or off the miss, they simply fire the ball back to the coach and they run looking for the pass to go down and make their lay-up. We normally run it for 3 minutes and set a number or goal for the both ends in combination to make.