Combination Basketball Drills to Help Develop Your Team's All-Around Skills...

All-around players are so versatile that you can easily move them from forward to guard. They can shoot, handle the ball, play defense, and grab rebounds.

Nothing is more deadly than a big man who can shoot and dribble. If you have a versatile center and power forward, the opposing team will literally fear you.

This page contains a handful of basketball combination drills that you can use with your team...


Conditioning Basketball Drill #1: BOXOUT-REBOUND-SCORE

Coach has the ball at foul line. 2 players are at post as offensive players, 2 other players are playing defense. Coach shoots ball, purPosely missing.

Players must box out and go for ball. Which ever team rebounds then becomes the offensive team and must score, the non rebounding team must play defense. Drill is done once someone scores, or a certain amount of time passes. The 2 players that started out in the defensive position move off court, the 2 players that started off in the offensive positions move to defense and two new playerS move on at the offensive positions and drill resumes.

Conditioning Basketball Drill #2: CONTROL THE BREAK

First bouce the ball off the backboard opposite of wear you are going to shoot. Run as fast as possibly down court and either shoot a jumper or drive for a transitional layup. Follow up your jumper wheather made or missed put it back in the hole and shoot one freethrow. Same for the layup.

Have a team of 2-5 defend the break.

Conditioning Basketball Drill #3: 3 ON 2 FAST BREAK

Begin by placing 2 players at the other end of the court, one at the free throw line and one in the paint. Have 3 players in the other end of the court, one in the middle with the ball and the two others running the wings, they run a fast break attempting to score, with a maximum of two/three passes, against the defense.

Once the SHOT goes up, the player who shot the ball retreats to defend while the previous 2 defenders run a 2 on 1 fast break the other way, with a maximum of 1 pass. 

Conditioning Basketball Drill #4: TWO MAN GAME

This basketball drill teaches players how to double-team a post entry pass in a man to man defense. It is also valuable in teaching guards to move without the ball, post entry passes, closing out on a perimeter shooter, working on post moves, and teaching post players how to react to a double team.

Split your team up into post players and perimeter players. Rotate new players into drill after the defense makes a stop or gets a rebound. New players come in on offense. Offense to defense and defense out.

Have an offensive player post-up on the block with the defense playing behind him.

Start the ball with the offensive perimeter player at the wing.

The defensive perimeter player pressures the ball. The man with the ball must get the ball into the post or shoot a jump shot. (NO DRIVES!)

If the pass goes in to the post, the defensive perimeter player doubles down on the post and tries to steal the ball if he puts it on the floor. At this time the offensive perimeter player should slide to a new location and spot up for a three-point attempt.

If the double-team is late the post should try to score. Otherwise he passes back out for an open jump shot.

Conditioning Basketball Drill #5: JUMP-SPRINT-SHOOT-PASS

2 players make 6 passes off backboard while jumping off both legs, sprint to the opposite baseline, cut hard at 45' angle to the baseline, receive a pass and shoot. Players follow their shots, rebound the ball, dribble up to their side of the top of the key and pass the ball to next 2 players. Maintain continuity.

Conditioning Basketball Drill #6: BE HARD TO GUARD

On offense, be hard to guard. Drill teaches players to cut, move and spread the floor to assure clean passing lanes, open shots and ball movement to break down defenses. Also teaches defenses to steal, rotate and stay with there man.

5 on 5 Offense vs Defense. Set up a 1-2-2 offense.

Only One point guard can dribble and only from above foul line end side line to side line.

Team must make 10 passes in a row with all offensive players touching the ball at least once and cannot hold the ball more than 3 seconds.

10 completions awards the offense 1 pt. Any steal or jump ball awards the defense 1 point.

You can have defense play man or zone.

Conditioning Basketball Drill #7: 3 ON 3 ON 3

Basic 3 on 3 with several twists. Winners stay, losers rotate out. Offense can get a point only by scoring. Defense can get a point by all three players boxing out and obtaining rebound. However, we don't rotate a new team in on a defensive point.

Additionally, we will sit a team that fails to call a screen, fails to box out, fails to talk on defense generally, argues a call, etc. An offensive team will rotate out if players away from the ball fail to screen away or screen and roll. If you don't have the ball you must either screen on the ball, screen away, or post up.

3 on 3. Play to 5, 10, or 15 points. First team to score a basket stays as winners. Losers rotate out. Offense gets a point for a basket. Defense gets a point if all three players box out and defense gets rebound. Defense gets 4 points for a five-second call after loss of dribble with good denial everywhere.

If offensive players fail to screen and roll or screen away they sit.

Defense sits if fail to talk on defense, box out etc.

Conditioning Basketball Drill #8: ALABAMA REBOUND DRILL

Line one player (player A) up on either wing. Place two players on the opposite block. One of these players will be the offensive player (B) and the other the defensive player (C).

Player A begins the basketball drill by shooting the ball or just throwing it up off of the backboard so that it goes over to the side where B and C are. Player C will not try to rebound at all. Player B goes up high for the rebound and must come down with it, he can not tip it in. Once he hits the floor player C does anything in his power to keep him from scoring.

Conditioning Basketball Drill #9: CHASE DRILL

Player A is at the foul line. Player B is at the block on either side of the lane. Player A shoots the ball and remains at the foul line. Player B grabs the rebound and, whether the shot is made or not, takes the ball out of bounds and gives a good chest pass to player A at the foul line. Player A then dribbles quickly to the far basket with player B giving chase. Player B tries to beat player A downcourt and either establish defensive position or tip the ball as player A drives for the layup.

The players switch places at the far basket and run the drill back upcourt. Players should try not to foul.

Conditioning Basketball Drill #10: 10 DRILL

You have 10 players, 5 on offense 5 on defense. You can play what ever defense you wish to play, we alternate between man to man and 2-3 zone.

The offensive team always gets the ball. Offense gets 1 point per basket, 4 points for an offensive rebound, 2 points for an uncontested lay up or shot inside 15 ft. The drill is run at half court.

The defense gets 1 point for a rebound, 4 points for taking a charge and 2 points for a steal or if the offense turns the ball over. You play to 10 points the loser has to run, we run killer drills for the loser.

After the first round we switch, the offense goes to defense and the defense to offense. You can also run the drill with 15 players and rotate a team of 5 out after a round. This basketball drill is excellent for defensive rebounding as it is a major penalty to give up an offensive rebound. It is an excellent drill.