Coaching Basketball - Your Guide to Establishing a Winning Team

For a second, forget everything you've heard about basketball coaching...

Forget the X's and O's, the terminology, the rules of the game... Now imagine that this is the first time you are meeting your players, in the gym, on a late afternoon.

What's the first thing you're gonna say to them? How are you going to greet them? What are you going to do in that first meeting? Discuss X's and O's? Of course you're not...

The point is, you need to establish a relationship with your players. Not just any relationship, but you need to be a father, a leader, and a trusted friend. Without this, your players will not have the love and respect to follow you and play hard. All the hearts on the team must beat as one heart.

This section of the website is completely dedicated to coaching basketball. We'll help you learn the ins and outs of being a highly effective coach, from developing yourself, to reaching your players, to establishing your offensive and defensive philosophy.

Important: Keep in mind that basketball coaching consists of many different parts, and together, these parts make a whole. The information on this page helps you deal with one part of coaching, the fundamentals and strategy. However, to be highly successful, you need all the parts, you need a complete coaching system...

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Below you can check out the different categories of coaching basketball, geared towards helping you establish your fundamentals and strategy:

Develop Your Overall Coaching Philosophy

Develop Your Offensive Philosophy

Develop Your Defensive Philosophy

Contruct Your Championship Team

Your Guide to Productive Practices

Off-Season Training Programs

Teaching Your Players to Handle the Ball

Teaching Your Players How to Shoot Well

Teaching Your Players How to Rebound

Teach Your Players to Move Without the Ball

Player Player Summer Workouts

Perimeter Player Summer Workouts

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