Improve Your Mental Focus With These Basketball Tips!

It's all in your head... Only you can decide the level you want to play at, and no one can take this away from you.

Mental toughness is what sets apart great players from average players. In a tough, clutch situation, the players with "nerves of steel" are the best performers.

This page contains a variety of mental toughness tips that you can start using right away...

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Below you can view the different basketball footwork tips in this section:

Basketball Tip #1: KNOW THE GAME

Along with all of the individual fundamentals, players need to understand the concept of "relative motion". That can best be described as realizing how one player fits into the space on the floor, given the "relative" positioning of the other players, both offense and defense. A player with this understanding will know how to move to get open, create proper spacing, passing angles, play good on ball defense, and give good team defensive help.


1) Always believe in yourself. If you think you can`t do it, you aren`t going to . When shooting, believe its going in and it will have a better a chance.

2) A shooter needs to have confidence. One good way to give yourself confidence is to remember that two balls will fit through the hoop at a time. This gives you a large margin of error to work with.

3) Strive to improve everyday... both physically and mentally. Play against players that are better than you... that´s how you get better. Learn from TV and watch instructional videos to learn even more. Never stop learning!

4) When playing against teams or players who are not quite as talented, it is important to play at YOUR best. Do not drop your level of play simply to defeat the opponent. Compete against your own personal best every time out, and try to achieve that.

5) Mental Rehearsal: This is almost as important as practicing the action itself. The brain patterns during mental rehearsal of an action are the same as those when preparing for the action before the motor skill is selected, so the more you mentally rehearse a shot, the quicker and easier it will be to prepare to carry out the shot.

6) The main reason that players don´t perform well in games is nervousness, and the main cause of nervousness is lack of self confidence. You have to believe that you can play with the people on the court and not get intimidated. You must believe that no one on the court is better than you. Have a good attitude. Believe in yourself.

7) Pay attention to how you prepare for each game, especially when you play well. Competing in athletic contests can often be a matter of routine, and anything you can do to keep that routine similar from game to game, especially when you have played well, can help.

Follow the same pre-game routines, think about the same type of things, relax but focus on the game at hand. Most importantly, learn to visualize what you are going to be doing in the game, always seeing yourself being successful.

8) Always run on and off the court--for a time out, when you are taken out of a game, or at half time. Psychologically, you are showing your opponent that you won´t wear down. The Boston Celtics under Red Auerbach would not even sit down during a time out in order to appear fresh to their opponents.


1) Forget about the scouts and the newspapers...they come to see players...make them see A TEAM!! It doesn´t matter what they write in their columns...Just Win!

2) Don´t change what got you this far...don´t try to be a leading scorer if you´ve never done it owe it to your team-mates to play within yourself.

3) Enjoy the moment...when you get old, you won´t remember the will remember the Battle...and the brothers or sisters who stood there with you.

4) Moms and Dads are great...but this is not their time...follow your coaches team!

5) The little things you do to help your team...make all the difference in the world...every successful inbound pass, every rebound, every "dive" for a loose ball...will determine the outcome!

6) Have your mom or dad save newspaper clippings about your team..BUT DON´T YOU READ THEM UNTIL THE SEASONS have to play...not the news people..don´t get poisoned by what you read.

7) Reputations and rankings don´t mean JACK...on any given night you can beat anyone!

8) Referees make mistakes. It´s part of the game. Captains should learn the ref´s last name, put Mr. or Ms. before it when you speak to them, and watch things turn your way. 


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