Basketball Tips to Help You Become a Rebounding Machine!

If you want to instantly gain the appreciation of your coach and your teammates, then become a great rebounder!

Rebounding is important on both the offensive and defensive ends, and it can be a huge advantage over an opposing team. You can literally control a game with rebounds.

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Below you can view the different basketball rebounding tips in this section:




After you get the rebound, you need to make a good outlet pass. A good rebounder who can outlet the ball to the guard can start a fast break on the way to a score. This is a valuable asset to a team. Get the rebound, pivot away from the defense, and outlet to your guard for the fast break. It is a skill that is not much noticed by anyone but the coach knows how valuable you are.


Basketball Rebounding Tip #1: ATTITUDE AND DESIRE

Statistically, over ninety percent of all rebounds are taken below the rim. Therefore, rebounding is a product not of great athletic ability, but attitude and desire. Make up your mind that you want to rebound, go after each and every one, and master box out techniques, and you can provide your team with a valuable asset--a dependable rebounder.

Basketball Rebounding Tip #2: EVERY MISSED SHOT IS A PASS TO YOU!

Perhaps the most important key to being a good rebounder, offensive or defensive, is to assume that every shot will be missed. If you do this, you will always be willing to get in position, ready to be a rebounder.

Basketball Rebounding Tip #3: HANDS UP

Always keep your hands up at least shoulder high when getting ready to rebound. This will allow you to be ready for the rebound that comes off the rim quickly and low. Remember this: shot goes up-hands go up!

Basketball Rebounding Tip #4: WANT THE BALL

Rebounding is a great skill to have as a basketball player. Those players that really WANT the ball and box out become the best rebounders. They take pride in rebounding. Lean back on your man and keep him out of rebounding position. A smaller player can be a good rebounder...Make yourself become good at boxing out.

Basketball Rebounding Tip #5: WATCH YOUR POSITION

The key to rebounding is positioning and concentration on the ball. Anticipate the flight of the ball. Remember that most shots rebound to the opposite side of the basket. Next, you need to concentrate on the ball, until it is safely in your hands or rebounded by someone else.


Basketball Rebounding Tip #1: BOXING OUT AND REBOUND

If you are real close to the basket when the shot goes up, you must "box out" and create some space to rebound. To "box out" from your defensive position: Go towards your man and make contact. Pivot so you “Put your butt to their gut” and just slide with them, keeping them away from the rebound. When boxing out, keep your man from pushing you in towards the basket, so you can maintain good rebounding position. (If you let them push you under the basket, the rebound will go over your head). Then go get the rebound!

Basketball Rebounding Tip #2: THE "PERFECT REBOUND"

Rebounding... Most rebounds (90%) are caught below the rim. Try and think out what a perfect rebound is ... The perfect rebound is the one where everyone of your teammates and yourself box out their man so well that the rebound can be easily caught AFTER it has hit the floor. When one thinks about this "perfect rebound" concept the team blockouts get better and better.


Basketball Rebounding Tip #1: OFFENSIVE REBOUNDING

In order to get an offensive rebound, you must get the inside position on your defender, who is trying to box you out. You must out quick him, or make some kind of move to get that inside position. You can try a jab step and change directions or you can develop a spin move to get to that position. 


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