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Ball Handling Drills

Spin Fake: Have one offensive player have the ball and a defender guarding him. Drive with the ball about three feet then quickly dribble the ball behind your back with your strong hand, after that spin and catch the ball with the same hand you used to dribble the ball behind you, then drive the the lane.

Speed 1-on-1: Have one player line up with the ball between the top of the key and center court. Another player lines up to defend the player with the ball. On the wistle, the player with the ball has 7 seconds to score (Coach, time the play). After 7 seconds (or player scores) switch players, or rotate. This is a good drill to teach spin moves, cross overs and fakes. Demonstrate for your players ways they can get around the defender. Coach your defensive player to shut down the ball handler before he has a chance to ge a good shot off.

Zig Zag Dribble: Start at one of the baseline corners. Go to the first free-throw line corner, then go to the half-court line corner, then go to the other free-throw line corner, then to the other base line corner. You will zig zag all the way down the court. Do this 4 times (Down and back = 1) 1st time = at every corner, do a spin move, switching hands when you go to the next corner. 2nd time = dirbble once between the legs at every corner, switching ball hands after between the legs. 3rd = Behind the back (Drible the ball once at every corner so it will go behind your back. After put behind the back switch hands.) 4th = Mix of all three moves (1st corner = spin move, 2nd corner = between the legs, 3rd corner = behind the back, 4th corner = one of the three.) Every time they dribble above their waist, make the whole team run laps.

The Mirage: Bounce around the center circle or either of the free throw circles with two balls for thirty seconds as fast as you can, look up stay low, do not worry about speed at first, get the technique and rhythm first and speed will come along as you practice.

Foreigner: (jogging) bounce the ball 3 times going forward (regular right to left) then reverse momentum by going backwards and then dribble 3 times behind the back. (do it several times to master).

Scare Your Defender: You take your strong hand and almost throw the ball in front of you.. as it is coming around redirect the ball towards the back of you and catch it from behind you in the same hand you started with. (This move may be a bit hard to pull of without getting an airing call, but practice and you will scare your defender so he will put his hands up and let you have a chance to get by him).

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Big Man Drills

Hops: What you have to do is keep your knees locked and just jump off the ground about an inch. You can't bend your knees at all. You should do it for about 1-2 minutes.

Hakeem Spin Move: Post up, get the ball and take one hand acting like you're going to go that way then as fast as you can do a quick spin. Take a jumper or take hook or drive it in. Do it in each side and you will get better.

Post in the Pit: The two post players line up back-to-back at the front of the rim. Each player is facing a sideline. The three passers set up at the foul-line extended, the top of the key, and the other foul-line extended. The coach has the ball on the baseline.

When the coach passes the ball to one of the wings, the post on that side becomes the defender. The other post is on offense. The offensive post player cannot receive a pass until he or she calls "ball." The post player may also direct the movement of the ball by pointing at a perimeter passer who doesn't have the ball and calling "pass."

The offensive post attempts to seal the post defender in a position where he or she is best able to receive a pass. The posts play one-on-one in the paint until the offense scores or the defense rebounds or steals the ball. The offensive post may pass the ball back out to a perimeter player and re-post.

Ball in the Block: Place a ball on the right or left block. Then get two players on each block. These are the defensive players. The third player is the offensive player. The third man starts on the base line and runs to the block with the ball in it. He has 3 seconds to score. Now the defensive player has to rake his arms and foul the player. After the shot he runs to the other block and does the same thing. Do this 10 times.

Big D: First get two players set up on wings of the key two to three steps away from the baseline, set the center up in front of one and have the other one with the ball. The object is the center turns takes quick steps and gets over to defend the shot or swat. Good for double teaming as well.

The Charge Step: Get on the bucket in the post with a ball... dribble.... face the basket..... Jump at the basket....make a fade-away or do a power lay up.

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Conditioning Drills

Footfire/Sprint/Bunnyhops: Have your entire team line up on the baseline. The coach will blow the whistle and they will all begin to footfire. The coach will call a players name and she must sprint to the opposite baseline and back. She will then begin to hop up and down with arms raised above her head. All other players will continue performing footfires. The coach will call another players name and she will perform the same routine. When all players have completed the footfire and sprints and are all hopping let them hope for about 15 sec. and on the coaches command "Defense" the entire team will slap the floor and yell out "Defense!!".

6 Inches: Lay on the floor and put your hands under your head, and lift your feet about 6 inches and try not to drop your feet stay like that untill your coach say stop. Do it at different times, do it at the start of practice, or before the game.

100 Mile per Hour Drill: Start at the baseling with two men (One standing on the left foul line and one standing on the right foul line). Chop your feet while facing each other and start to pass a basketball back and forth. After 7 passes sprint to the shooting foul line (With both players still at thier sides) pass the ball back and forth 7 mare times then sprint to the half court line corners. Launch the ball back and forth 5 times while still chopping your feet. After the half court run to the opposite free-throw lines and pass the ball 7 times while still chopping your feet. Then run down the free throw lines to the base line and throw the ball back and fourth 7 times while still chopping. After that take a short break and go back down court doing the same thing over again.

Burpees: Start by jumping as high as you can and swing your arms. Then, after you land, drop so your feet are back ready for a pushup and your hands are where your feet were. Do a pushup. return to standing position. That's one.

Killers: Run down the court to the baseline and back 6 times in 45 seconds. If you don't get it by then, do 25 pushups and repeat with 10 more seconds of leighway.

1-7-1: You 1st run one sprint as fast as you can down the court, your coach times it. Say the last person runs in at 7 seconds. You then take 7 x's 7 which would be 49 secs. You have 49 seconds to run 7 sprints. After that you will have a 30 second break, and then you will run one more sprint to see if you can get under 7 seconds.

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Defense Drills

Roller Slides: Each player has a basketball. They start at one side of the lane and slide to the next side while tapping the basketball from one hand to the next. The basketball never comes off the floor (rolling ball from hand to hand). Tell players to bend at knees not at the waste. This will get them to stay down.

Gut Drill: Start under a basket, do a rim touch. Then back pedal to free throw line. Defensive slide to the left sideline. Defensive slide to opposite 1/2 court sideline. Defensive slide to hash mark on opposite sideline. Defensive slide to free throw line. Sprint off of floor to corner then sprint to end where you started. Make sure players are staying low and going as fast as possible. Make them yell while they are doing the drill.

3 on 2 / 2 on 1: 2 people play defense down one end and three people play offense down the other.

The 3 offenders dribble the ball down to the defensive end and pass the ball around to get a basket.

The players that were defense know become offense and the player who shot the ball now becomes the defense and those 2 work the ball back down the other end so it is 2 on 1.

The remaining offensive players now become the two defensive players and we start again.

Run, Find, Defend, Steal: Place a ball about 3/4 court. Start with player underneath the basket facing the wall, or basket on opposite side. On coach's cue, player sprints to first suicide line, then backpeddles indentifying man to next suicide line, then slides as if guarding man all the way to ball. When player reaches ball, coach or player yells "Steal" and grabs ball and goes for a full sprint lay-up. Next person goes.

War Drill: Have three players line up; two on the wings, one at top of the key. Have defenders box out the play face up. Offense needs to try and get the ball.

4 on 4 Shell Drill: The coach gives the ball to an offensive player and he tries to penetrate on the defensive player. He tries not to let him penetrate. If he gets by the defensive player, the player that is dening helps and the other 2 players are at rimline.

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Passing Drills

Star Drill: Start by making 5 lines in the shape of a star on the court. Next, have one ball in the captain's hands. They pass the ball to the player oppsite to them. The receiver then passes the ball to the person to the right of the original passer. They do the same, and this keeps going throughout the drill. The second thing you need to remember is to have a minimum of 10 people, with the person following the ball every time. If you don't follow the ball straight through, then you won't get to your place in time to catch the next pass. Do this for about 5 minutes, or as long as it takes to warm up.

3-Man Weave: Get at the end of the court, and set up 3 lines (make sure they're even) and step on the court. The middle person has the ball. He/she throws the ball to the right side, when you throw it make sure you go behind the person who you threw it to. Then the person who has the ball throws it to the person on the left. When they catch it the person who threw it, runs behind that person, and the person who has the ball, throws it to the person who had the ball first, then they go to the goal and make a lay-up.

Figure 8's: 3 players line up on the line. The pointguard passes the ball to one of the players to the left or right of him/her. Then pointguard runs behind the player he/her passed the ball to.Then this repeats until the other end of the court and then the player with the ball last will shoot a lay up.

No Dribble Scrimage: Scrimage with a flat ball so no one can dribble. Improves court awareness. If a player tries to dribble make the team do sprints.

Passing Perfection: Put tape on the wall in shape of a box and throw all the passes int the box such as chest, bounce, overhead, and baseball. Until it is perfected move back further and further.

The Help Line: Get 6 players or up to 10. With 6 players 1 will act as defender the other 5 offense. 10 would be 5 on 5. The point dribbles. He passes or lets the defender get on him. He yells help line. Quickly a line of players must assemble to help the point guard. They continue until the have scored.

Circle Fake: 3 or 4 players stand staggered evenly around the circle. 1 foot in the circle 1 foot out. 1 Defender is in the middle. The players must move the ball quickly, faking and passing. If a foot inside is lifted or the defender intercepts or holds for a jump the player switches and becomes the defender.

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Rebounding Drills

Jump to the Ball: At home, go on stairs or a phonebook with your toes on the edge. Tippy toe up and down. Make someone throw the ball and jump for it.

H E Double Hockey Sticks: 2 coaches and 2 players get under the basket. The rest of the players get in 2 lines on the baseline. 1 player from the line goes out and shoots a 3 pointer. If she makes it she shoots again. If she misses another person goes out and shoots. Meanwhile the 2 coaches and the 2 players are fighting for the rebounds.

You can do anthing that you can do in a game. If you (or the other person out there) doesn't get the rebound, you go again. You keep doing this until that group gets out. Whenever they get out the next two people come out. You do this drill until the coach says stop or if time runs out on the clock.

Booty Sumo: Players line up around the mid-court circle. 2 players enter the circle, back to back. When the whistle blows, players push back with their legs and try and get the other player out of the circle. They continue until 1 is pushed out, or coach blows the whistle.

Improve Reaction: Place one player lying face down the foul line with eyes to the three point line. One player shoots from three point line. As soon as the player shoots, the player on the floor jumps onto the feet and tries to get the ball. If he catches it before the ball hits the ground he has to make a shoot from where he catches the ball. Penalize as follows:

1. If the player don't even touch the ball before it hits the ground: 10 pushups (or anything else)

2. If the player touch the ball before it hits the ground: 5 Pushups

3. If the player catches the ball and miss the following shoot: 3 pushups

4. If the player catches the ball and make the shoot: No penalty

Ridiculous Hops: Grab the ball with two hands right under the glass, jump, bang the ball on the glass, while holding the ball, land, pound the ball on the ground and quickly repeat.

One Hand Boards: Get about one to two feet away from the glass, you hold the ball with one hand jump and throw the ball of the glass, then you land, then jump catch the ball with the same one hand you threw it with and when you are still in the air repeat.

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Shooting Drills

In, out and shoot: Do a in and out crossover and then back in. Take two or three quick steps to the side that you crossed back over to the pull up and shoot.

Shooting form: Stand about two feet away from the basket. Then shoot until you swish it. This not only improves your shooting but your arch.

The Next Big Move:  Find a goal and form shoot use a form that you think will work on your shoot then shoot 500 shots for a week and your jumper will be serious no matter what.

4 Quarters: Have a line of players at half facing one hoop. Have two players at the left / right elbow with a ball in their hands. When the signal is made to start the first two people in line call the passers to pass them the ball for a shot. The shooters get their own rebounds and pass to the next two people in line.

4 quarters

4 minutes to make 80 points (lay-ups 1pt, shots outside key 2 pts and 3 pointers count for 3 pt)

3 minutes to make 60

2 mintues to make 40

1 minute to make 20

If the team does not make the alloted number in the time given they must run lengths of the floor that they are short(eg. 4 min for 80 made 50 only then they run 30 lines)

Pressure Freethrows: Divide your team into two groups. Make sure that the better shooters are divided evenly between the teams. One group will begin as the shooting team and the other group will be the distracters. The shooting team picks a shooter to shoot two free throws. The distracting team can use any appropriate distraction to try and throw off the shooter as long as they stay out of the key and don't physically touch the shooter. If the shooter makes both free throws, the distracting team must run two lengths of the court. If the shooter makes one and misses one, both groups must run one length of the court. If the shooter misses both free throws, the shooting group must run two lengths of the court. The distracting group now becomes the shooting team and chooses a shooter. This pattern continues until all players in each group gets to shoot.

Hot Seat:

Line up behind the free-throw line.

First person shoots, if he/she hits the shot they join the back of the line, if they miss they sit in the hot seat.

When the next person shoots if he/she hits the shot, the person in the hot seat is eliminated from the game. However if they miss they have to sit in the hot seat and the person who was there before rejoins the game.

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Warmup Drills

Layup/Jump Shot Warmup: Now stick with me cuz this could take a while. and trust me, its worth it!!! Ok, get your team to make two lines, both behind the three point line, and about 5 feet to the side of where the key would be if you extended it, on both sides of the key. start on the right side, give the first person in line the ball, he dribbles down and the first person in the other line goes to the hoop also. whether the shooter makes the layup or not, the other person gets the rebound and passes it to the next person in line of the line that the shooter started in. the kids who went first change lines. then after everyone has gone 3 times, you switch it up. then after that, give the ball back to the side that started the drill, and they do the same thing except instead of layups, they shoot jumpshots((((3 pointers or short jumpers)))) then again, after everyone has gone three times, switch it up!!

Warmup: Most people know this, we practice it at my school even though we don't have a team. The kids line up on the sides right above the free throw line in an even number on each side. Good shooters face good shooters, bad face bad. That way you don't get a kid getting hit in the face. All they do is pass, but they have to jump up on the pass like if a player passed it they would jump up like shooting. Then the next player jumps up and shoots while in the air to a different and so on. It can be done with one or more hands. If a player misses they run a lap or however much you want them to. If a player throws it wrong and the other player doesn't touch it, they run the laps. After it reaches the end the last kid passes it to the boy or girl who passed it to him, act just like the start.

3 Ball: Only a halfcourt is needed. Make three lines at halfcourt, one on the left right and middle. There is one player under the basket on the left side of the lane, and one on the right. Both these players have a ball and so does the 1st player in the middle line. The middle line passes right or left, then they go through a three man weave, and when the player that started with the ball gets the ball back he shoots a layup. The other two run to the elbows and are passed the ball from the players under the basket. the players that passed the ball, close out on the 2 at the elbow who shoots a jumper. Then the players that shot get their rebound and go under the basket and the middle man passes the rebound from his layup back to the middle line. Repeat.

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Youth Basketball Drills

Monkey in the middle gets the ball: Three players in line spread out, the ends have a ball each, middle guy faces one end person. The end person passes to the middle man and runs to where the middle man was. When the middle man gets the ball he dribbles to where the end guy was. As soon as the end guy gets to the middle the other end guy passes the ball to him. Continue this pattern.

Motion Offense Principles:

1. Anytime you pass from the top position you cut to the small foul line and then screen the opposite wing man.

2. Anytime a wing man passes to the post he cuts the middle and replaces the opposite wing. The point and opposite wing replace accordingly.

3. Anytime the wing man passes to the point, he should screen down on the post, he should screen down for the post man.

4. If the post player passes out from the post, he should screen away.

5. If the post player passes across to the opposite post he should cut to the lane and rebound.

Clap Pass: You get all the players circled around you. You pass the ball to random players in the group. The player must clap before they catch the ball. They sit out if:

1.They don't catch the ball

2.They don't clap

3.They clap when you fake a pass to them

Who's Afraid of: One person stands in the middle of the court with a ball. He calls out "Who's afraid of..." (here you can use whatever name you like).

Everybody has their own ball and try to reach the other side of the court without getting "caught" by the one in the middle.

Everyone who get caught by a tap on his back helps the one in the middle the next time.

Quick: In a circle, you in middle. The kids copy you running on the spot, jumping etc. When you say quick they get into the defensive position. However if you say get down they continue to do what they were beforehand they are only out if you see them.

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More Basketball Drills

Learn How to Develop Killer Moves, a Laser-Accurate Shot, & a High-Flying Vertical Jump...

Coaching System: Get the exact drills, plays, & practice plans you need to win...