Free Basketball Plays

If you want to be a winner-take-all, then you need perfect execution on the offensive and defensive end of the court with great basketball plays. In fact, what separates the winning teams from the average teams is great execution, not athleticism or talent.

Take the Phoenix Suns or the San Antonio Spurs, for example... Both teams execute their basketball plays extremely well. This is what separates them as championship contenders and winners in the world's toughest Professional basketball league.

We have many free basketball plays that you can take a look. From offense to defense, there are several formations that you can view and follow. We recommend the evaluate your team's skills, strengths, and athleticism, and then determine how many guards, forwards, and centers you have.

Then, you can choose one of the following categories of free basketball plays, depending on the type of offense or defense you want to run.

There are really only two types of offenses, and two types of defense. All the different formations on both ends fall into one of these two categories. The 2 types of offenses are:

- Free-Style Offense   - Half-Court Set Offense

The 2 types of defense are:

- Pressure man-to-man  - Zone

Go ahead and choose from one of our categories of free basketball plays:

Offensive Basketball Plays: 1-3-1 | 1-4 | 3 on 3 | Box | Flex | Man | Shuffle | Zone | Motion | Triangle | Specialty

Defensive Basketball Plays: Illustrated Defensive Drills | Defense 1-3-1 | Defense Man | Defense Match-up | Defense Press | Defense Zone

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