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Better 1 on 1 Offense

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Overall Rating (Out of 10): 12 (We gave Better Passing a 10, and then Better Post Play was better, so we had to give it an 11. But 1 on 1 Offense is better than Post Play, so we had to go up to a 12!)
Comments: Without a doubt, this is the best basketball video we have ever seen
Strengths: Amount of content, easy to learn, very advanced, quality of filmmaking, pro footage, NBA stars
Weaknesses: If there's a weakness, it's that there's so much on the video you have to put in a lot of time to watch it

Our Review: Of all the basketball videos we've ever seen, this one is the best, it's not even close. When we watched it, we had to stop the DVD player just about every 30 seconds to pick our jaws off the floor because there'd be some new technique that we'd never heard before, but knew would help our game. Just amazing!
   Oh yeah, the video is almost four hours long, and has extra sections from NBA celebrities Chauncey Billups, Rick Barry, and Sue Bird. It also has footage from professional basketball all over the world to help you understand all the instruction. And it's beautifully filmed and the graphics are great.

Better Ball Handling

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Overall Rating (Out of 10): 9
Comments: The 115 drills are incredible, but that's not the best part...
Strengths: All the great little hints about dribbling and beating your man
Weaknesses: There were some great dribble highlights, but there could have been more. The video teaches you how to dribble, so it doesn't show that many streetball type moves. That's the only weakness

Our Review: Definitely the neatest part of the DVD is the 115 dribbling drills that this 12 year old kid named Andy Garcia will show you how to do. Some of the drills we had seen before, but there were a lot of ones that were new to us, and a lot of really difficult drills. There's also some useful dribbling workouts.
   But our favorite aspect of the video was all of the little tips and hints to help you improve your handles. The video just gives you easy tips to beat your man that were all very helpful.

Better Shooting

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Overall Rating (Out of 10): 8
Comments: This is the best video to improve your shot on the market
Strengths: The detailed techniques and explanations. Plus, it helps to know that the instructor on the video, Rick Torbett, coached a bunch of teams that averaged 40% from 3. So you know his techniques will work for any player
Weaknesses: A little on the boring side, and the graphics and filmmaking are a couple years outdated

Our Review: The great thing about this video is that it will teach you everything you need to build your shot. It talks about planting your feet, how to bend your legs, how to hold the ball, the release, everything. It even has a "bad habits" chapter that will identify your problems, tell you why they're problems, and teach you how to fix them.
   The weakness of this video is that it was apparently Better Basketball's first video, and their equipment and filmmaking isn't at the level of the others. But it's still good and of course the info is 1st rate.

Better 1 on 1 Defense

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Overall Rating (Out of 10): 9
Comments: Simplifies and clarifies everything about defense. More detail than you could imagine from a defense video
Strengths: Without complicating things, the video gives a lot of techniques and strategies to help you on defense
Weaknesses: Overall, the content is a little less mind blowing than the content on any of the other Better Basketball videos. Still incredible, just not quite as much of it.

Our Review: This video is extremely useful for players because it doesn't talk about schemes that might vary from coach to coach. Instead, it just talks about you guarding your man, no matter where he is on the court. And it gives everything you would ever want to know about how to do this!
   What's great about the video is that it doesn't just teach the basics about getting in a stance and slide stepping that we learn by 4th grade. Instead, it goes into real detail about how to read your man and how to control him. There's some really good strategies that will help you whether you're playing 1 on 1 at the park, or 5 on 5 in a real game.

Better Passing

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Overall Rating (Out of 10): 10
Comments: NOT what you'd expect from a passing video...
Strengths: A video that can make you a smarter player? Are you kidding? Well, that's how the video is advertised. We were doubtful, but after seeing it, we're believers
Weaknesses: Not many, that's why we gave it a 10. If anything, we wish they had real game footage like they do in 1 on 1 Offense

Our Review: We just refused to believe the hype about this video. We figured a passing video can't be anything more than teaching the chest pass and the bounce pass and a few others. And if you're any older than 10, you've already mastered those things. But this video (in addition to teaching the basics) really does teach you how to read the court!  Each of its 42 game situations starts with the passer's viewpoint, the view you're actually going to see in a game, which was really helpful. Plus, the video has thoughts from NBA superstar Mike Bibby, a really smart player and a great passer!

Better Post Play

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Overall Rating (Out of 10): 11! (We had previously given Better Passing a 10/10, then we saw this video. And it's flat out better than the passing video, so we had to give it a better grade, hence the 11 on the 10 point scale)
Comments: Incredible
Strengths: Everything about scoring inside is covered in great detail, it's easy to learn, and really fun to watch. 
Weaknesses: Hmmm??? If you're 100% sure that you'll never need to know how to play inside, defend inside, feed the post, or finish near the goal, then this video is not for you. (In other words, it's for everybody.)

Our Review: We had simply never seen a video like this (until 1 on 1 Offense came out). It covered everything about scoring in the post - such as how to get open against zone and man defenses, how to receive the ball, at least 50 scoring moves, even how to pick your go-to move, plus all the fundamentals of playing inside for kids that are still learning the fundamentals.
   It was detailed and advanced, but easy to understand. It was fun to watch and well made. There's just no weakness, and strength after strength.
   And then it had bonus sections from NBA stars Jermaine O'Neal and WNBA star Tamika Catchings, both of whom were very helpful. Incredible!


We've seen and reviewed a lot of videos over the years. And we used to review a huge variety on this page. Most of them were what you would unfortunately expect from an instructional video - boring, not very professional, not a whole lot of content even if they were long. Basically, more fluff than substance.

We actually saw videos where the instructors would have to take the time to explain to the players demonstrating how to demonstrate their drill. Or they would even move a cone - while the camera was rolling! We always wondered, why wasn't that stuff cut out? Can you imagine if during a Hollywood film the director appeared and moved some lights and then went back to the script? People would walk out of the theater. It's unprofessional and it's just a waste of time. But the Better Basketball videos are just techniques after techniques, constant techniques, and don't waste your time.

And the other videos we've seen have maybe 2 or 3 points over the course of the whole video that would be new to an advanced player. That's just not enough. But the Better Basketball videos are full of those awesome, advanced details, plus all the fundamentals. And so you're going to get your money's worth whether you're just learning the basics like a 10 year old kid or their parent, or looking for advanced stuff like a professional player or coach.

The bottom line is that at Basketball Drills and Plays, we only want to give you the best, and so we decided to only review and recommend the Better Basketball videos, because they are the best we have ever seen. We highly recommend the Better Basketball video series. Click here to visit Better Basketball.