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How to Dominate in the Low-Post (Basketball Offense Tips)

Developing a low-post game can help you dominate the competition...

It doesn't matter if you're tall or short, guard or center...Look at
some of the best guards in the NBA, like Chauncey Billups and Jason
Kidd, both of them can post-up their man.

If you're a big-man(or woman), then you definitely need to work on
your low-post game. Imagine being a scoring machine like Tim

To help you develop this area of your game, we've put together some
nice moves that you can use to "dominate in the low post"...

Here are the moves you should start practicing right away:

1) Drop step to baseline

After getting the pass, get a feel for where your defender is.
Depending on which side he/she is, give a fake to that side. Then,
plant the foot that's opposite to the ball, pivot on it quickly to
face up with the hoop and go aggressively to the hoop. Keep your
body between you and your defender, keep the ball up high, and
flare your elbows out. Also, make sure to extend your hands out in
front of you so you're ready to release for a shot right
away...this also makes it harder for the defender to block you.

2) Drop step to lane & jump hook

After getting the pass, get a feel for where you defender is. If
he/she is on the baseline side, then fake to the baseline, plant
your lane-side foot and pivot on it quickly...As soon as you pivot
go up in the air for a jump hook with the hand that is opposite the

3) Turn, Face, & Jab

After getting the pass, if the defender is directly behind you,
then pivot and face the defender. Keep the ball low and protected.
Give a shoulder fake or a jab step fake, and watch what the
defender does. If he/she takes a step back, shoot a little jumper.
If the defender doesn't back off, just drive right past him/her
with a quick, explosive step away from the direction that you faked
to. Go strong and try to make some contact with the defender's
shoulder to get him/her off balance. Most times, you'll even get
the foul call because the defender's feet won't be set.

4) Up and under

Pivot and face the defender. Get him/her in the air by faking a
quick shot (raise  your chin up to really fake the defender even
more). Once the defender rises up or jumps, just get low and go
right under him/her towards the hoop. Try to brush against the
defender sligthly when you're going underneath, so you can be sure
that you're on the quickest path to the hoop. If the ref calls a
foul, majority of the time the defender will be called for it.

5) Flash to the elbow or free throw line.
Get up near the free-throw line and out of the paint. Get the ball,
pivot, and face the defender. Now, do a quick shot fake to get the
defender in the air or off-balance, and just drive right around
him/her. Or, you can fake the drive by doing a strong jab-step
forward, coming back, and shooting the jumper. The key to this move
is getting the defender away from the hoop where you can use your

6. Back Door Lob

It the defender is denying you the ball by staying in front of you,
simply take him to the free-throw line area. Then, plant your feet
wide, put your forearm on the defender, and seal him/her off.
Immediately, put your free hand up calling for your teammate to
pass the ball over the defender's head. As soon as the guard passes
the ball, cut to the hoop and catch the pass to score.


Listen, you gotta practice these moves over and over again. This way,
it'll become automatic, and you'll use just the right move in the
right situation. Imagine being really good at 4 or 5 different
low post moves. How can the defense ever guard you?

The key is to keep the defender guessing, so he/she never knows which
move is coming next. Thats why you've gotta practice!


This article is featured in our popular newsletter, "Basketball Domination". Subscribe to Basketball Domination for free here...


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