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Offensive Rebounding: Easily improve your Scoring Average and make coaches fall in love you...

Do you know the easiest way to improve your scoring average and
make coaches fall in love with you?

Second chance points...Getting an offensive rebound and having a
second chance at scoring.

Today, we'll help you become a better offensive rebounder, which will,
in turn, allow you to score easy points off put-backs.

Unfortunately, most players fail to realize the importance of
offensive rebounding.  They simply give it no importance, which is
really sad considering how it really helps win games.

A lot of times we hear players complaining that crashing the
offensive boards requires too much energy, and it starts affecting
their offensive and defensive game.

Yeah, it's true; it is a dirty job that requires lots of energy and
effort on your part. But you have to ask yourself "How much is
winning worth to you"? "How much is adding 4-6 EXTRA points per game
worth to you"?

Its worth a LOT, and let us show you how to make grabbing that
offensive board a little "easy-er":

> Anticipation

You need to be able to anticipate when and where the shot will be
taken. So, you have to keep an eye on the person with the ball and
try to anticipate whether he/she is looking to shoot or pass... 

..the key to getting the offensive rebound is being able to
beat your defender to the spot. If you know that your teammate is
going to shoot, then you can start setting up for an offensive
rebound. Know your teammates, study them well, and know when they
like to shoot.

=> TIP:  70% of the shots end up on the opposite side of the
shooter. Also, make sure to follow your shots.  This is something
so simple, yet often times over-looked. If you're the one shooting,
simply run in for the rebound right away, every single time.

=> TIP: Look at the ball in the air, and determine if it's going to
be short or long.  With enough practice, you'll get really good at
predicting where the ball will end up. Typically, line-drive shots
with little arc tend to come off the rim "strong", and high arcing
shots come off the rim "softer".

> Attitude & Focus

Rebounding is 75% desire and 25% physical.  You need to have the
passion and desire to grab the rebound. Remember, the player that
wants it the most will get the rebound.

=> TIP: Assuming that every shot will be missed will help get you
in the right frame of mind. If you think the shot might go in, you
won't even begin setting up for the rebound.

=> TIP: Focus on keeping your hands active.  Only good things can
happen if get your hands on the ball. Keep your hands up, palms open,
ready to grab or swat the ball as needed.

> Counter-Moves

You're not always going to guess right, or be in the right position
to get the rebound.  That's why you must have great counter-moves
to get around your defender.

=> TIP: Fake and Go -- Before the defender makes contact, step as
though you are going to go in one direction and then quickly step
in the opposite direction to gain position.

=> TIP: Spin Move -- Try to make the defensive player overplay one
side, and quickly spin in the opposite direction to gain the

So, as you can see, quickness plays a big role in getting the
offensive rebound.

Players that can make quick moves, and get off the ground quickly,
definitely have the advantage.

Many times, it's not the tallest player that gets the rebound;
rather, it's the one who gets off the ground the quickest.

And, being able to jump high is also a big advantage...


This article is featured in our popular newsletter, "Basketball Domination". Subscribe to Basketball Domination for free here...


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