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Killer 1-on-1 Basketball Moves You Should Start Doing Today...

Hi Ball Player,

Right now, imagine that you're on the court playing a tough game...

You get the ball in your hands, you're close to the hoop, and
there's just one defender in front of you ... Are you ready to put
down a strong move and score?

Today, we're going to help you perfect one of the most powerful moves
in basketball, and show you how to develop many more moves in your
offensive game...

Even though team-work is essential in basketball, awesome one-on-one
moves are what separate you as the great basketball player, the go-to-guy,
the scoring machine.

You're gonna find this newsletter to be one of your favorites, as
you read every word below.

There are 3 key points to know before attempting any move:

1) You don't have much time or space in a
basketball game. You HAVE to make a strong move and either score or
pass with 2 to 3 dribbles. You need to get in scoring position or
in a passing position without wasting time, space, or energy.

2) Quickness and footwork are very important. You don't have to be
fast, but you need to move quick. This means that in a small area,
you gotta move quickly. This doesn't require strong muscles, it
requires quick reaction time in the brain.

3) You have be in proper basketball positioning. This means that
you turn and face the basket - feet shoulder width apart - feet
pointed towards the basket - knees flexed - both shoulders pointed
towards the basket. If you're right-handed, keep the ball on your
right hand side; if you're left-handed, keep it on the left-hand
side.  (Re-read this tip, proper positioning is very important)

>> Ok, the move we wanna help you perfect today is "The Drive". Good,
strong driving ability can help you break-down defenses, score more
points, and get more assists...

*The Drive*

Basically, when you drive, you get past your defender and move
towards the basket with speed & quickness. Being good at driving
has many advantages. You can get easy layups or find your teammates
in a good position to score. Half the time, you'll even get fouled.

To help you understand the drive, lets take a look at what Sidney
Moncrief, a true basketball legend, says about it:

"When I receive the ball I can set my man up for a drive by using
ball, shoulder, or head fakes. Depending on the position of my
defender, I can also fake a jump shot, get my man in the air, and
go around him."

 "When my man does go for one of my fakes, I push off my pivot
foot, take a long quick first step toward the hoop, as I put the
ball down hard on the floor just past the hip of the defender. When
the ball is put down, I lift my pivot foot, push past the
defender's shoulder and go for the hoop."

Beautifully said Sidney... Now, you shouldn't OVERUSE the drive.
When you start driving too much, you become predictable. Your
defensive man can read you and he starts backing off, and the rest
of the defense can read you and start trapping...

You have to be DECEPTIVE, or in other words, the defense should
never know what you're gonna do next. Thats why you need to have a
decent outside shot. When you drive past your defender a couple of
times, he'll start backing off. When he backs off, you take an
outside shot. After hitting a few shots, the defense will play you
tight again, and you can go back to the drive.

The key is to keep switching between the drive and layup, drive and
pass, and taking the outside shot... and the defense will always
stay confused.

Many players get the ball stripped and stolen from them when they
drive. This is because they don't protect the ball with their body...

Here's how to protect the ball:

- Turn your trunk, or your abs, away from the defender.
- Move the ball from the front of your body to the side of your
body, and repeat this cycle as long as you have the ball on the
- When you pick up your dribble, and you're ready to take your two
steps, flare your elbows out and hold the ball strongly with your

Okay, so to recap, here's the main points that you need to remember
about driving:

1) Square up with the basket (Your feet and shoulders should
point towards the basket)
2) Keep low with your knees flexed (This helps you stay quick)
3) With the ball in your hands, push hard off your back foot and
take a long, quick 1st step towards the basket.
4) Take your dribble before you leave your back foot and make it a
hard dribble that you can control.
5) Protect the ball by using your body and your elbows (without
swinging the elbows)

Keep working on this over and over and over again. This helps you
develop a quick first-step and good footwork, both of which are
very important in basketball.

Practice these mechanics and techniques in your off time, with or
without a defender. Practice it often!

Now, when you start becoming good at driving, then the next thing
you need to focus on is scoring and passing...

Always concentrate and keep your eyes on the defense. Often times,
as you drive, another defender will pop in front to stop you, and
there's someone on your team thats open. Here's where you can start
picking up assists.

Good court-vision starts with keeping your head up and eyes open.
You always have to concentrate on either scoring or passing, and
nothing else...

Most of the time, however, you should committ to the shot. So, you
need to work on scoring first and passing second. The only time you
wanna pass is when another defender steps right in front of you,
and you're double-teamed. Otherwise, its better to committ to the
shot and CONCENTRATE on scoring.

Now, there are many ways for you to score, but our favorite is the
mid-range and short-range Pull-Up shot. The Pull-up shot is deadly,
and you can learn the secrets of this move in Part 2 of the Elite
Basketball Improvement System...

There are also many more killer offensive moves, such as the
Jab-Step, Rocker-Step, Wide Cross, Slick Behind-the-Back, Low-Post
moves and so much more in Part 2 of the Elite Basketball
Improvement System...

And, being fast and jumping high can help you become a true scoring
machine. Part 3 of the system has advanced, powerful workout
routines that you can start doing right now to gain an awesome
vertical jump and blazing fast speed...

If you don't have Parts 2 & 3, then you should grab it now. As a
bonus, you'll also get Parts 4 and 5 which will help you take your
game to the ultimate level.

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To your success,

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This article is featured in our popular newsletter, "Basketball Domination". Subscribe to Basketball Domination for free here...


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