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Secrets of Dribbling a Basketball...

Dear Ball Player,

We don't really care what position you play - guard, forward, or

If you wanna be a good basketball player, then you gotta be able
to dribble a basketball, period.

Dribbling doesn't mean awesome ankle-breaking moves, it simply means
the ability to handle the ball.

So, what are the secrets to handling a basketball?

There are 3 secrets, and once you understand these, you really can
become better at ball-handling, pratically overnight.

Ok, so here are the secrets:

1) You must dribble to protect the ball - This means avoiding turning
the ball over (getting stripped, stolen, etc.)

2) You must dribble to create space - This means creating room between
you and your defender, so you can get off a shot or pass.

3) You must dribble to get past your defender - This means getting
one-step ahead of your defender so you can be in front of him/her.

The above 3 points may not seem like secrets, but they really are...

Most players think that the purpose of dribbling is to "show off"
and "shake the defender".

This is wrong! Once you know the REASON you are dribbling the ball,
once you know WHY you're dribbling, only then can you become a good
ball-handler. And thats why the above secrets are important, because
they help you mentally identify the goals of ball-handling.

Think about the 3 points carefully, and you'll begin to realize that
handling the ball isn't complicated...its simply about meeting a goal.

So, now that you know the goals, how do you achieve them? How do
you improve your handles?

Well, here are some tips to work on your handles:

> Dribble with your fingers first. Keeping the ball on the fingers
helps maintain better overall control. To develop better finger control,
work on strengthening your grip, stengthening your forearms, and
stetching out your fingers one by one by pulling them back towards
your body.

> During a strong dribble move, slightly palm the ball. For example,
when you're crossing the ball over from one side the another, you have
to slightly palm the ball so you don't lose if off your fingers. Be
careful, because over-palming can result in carrying the ball. Same
with the behing-the-back dribble, you have to slightly palm the ball.

> Always keep the ball low. The ball is fastest when its low to the
ground, and its easier to control as well. Bend at the knees to get
low, as if you're crouching a little bit.

> Trick your defender. This means dribbling in a way that your
defender doesn't know what you're gonna do next. Using head, shoulder,
and leg fakes can help you trick your defender. Also, constantly
switching the ball between your left and right hands also keeps the
defender guessing.

> Ofcourse, learn to dribble with both hands. To follow the above tip,
you need to be good with your left and right hands.

Once you start improving your handles, you're ready to put down
some strong dribble moves. All one-on-one moves, such as "the drive",
require decent ball-handling skills...

This is why its important that before you try fancy one-on-one
offensive moves, you work on improving basic ball-handing

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Until next time, wishing you all the best!

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This article is featured in our popular newsletter, "Basketball Domination". Subscribe to Basketball Domination for free here...


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