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Pre-Game Secrets for Boosting Performance

You've probably heard the old saying: "Practice makes perfect"...

Its widely believed that the athletes who practice the most are
usually the best, and for the most part, its true.

But the question is, why does practice make perfect?

It makes you perfect by:

1) Preparing your body (through conditioning)
2) Preparing your mind (reflexes, coordination, confidence)

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Practice is just another word for preparation, and preparation is
the key to achieving a lot of success in basketball and in life.

One of the fundamental areas that many basketball players ignore is
the pre-game warm-up. Warming-up is simply practicing and preparing
before a game, and it can really help you perform at the
next level.

Properly warming-up helps your body and your mind get ready for the
intensity that you're about to face. It increases bloodflow to the
working muscles which reduces muscle stiffness, reduces the chance
of injury, and prepares you physiologically and psychologically.

Here's how warming-up benefits you:

1) Increased muscle temperature - A warm muscle contracts more
powerfully and relaxes quickly. This means that you'll be able to
jump higher and run faster after warming-up.

2) Increased body temperature - This improves overall elasticity of
muscles and joints, which decreases the chance of injury.

3) Dilated blood vessels - Blood flows easily, putting less stress
on the heart.

4) Prevent overheating - The cooling mechanisms of the body improve.

5) Improved oxygen uptake - The amount of oxygen that the muscles
receive is improved, which enhances endurance.

6) Improved range of motion - The joints can move in an increased
range, therefore increasing power.

7) Hormonal changes - Certain hormones responsible for regulating
energy production are increased, which helps you utilize more
energy, more efficiently.

8) Mental preparation - Clear the mind, get focused, get confident,
and work on executing your moves.

>>> What should I do for warming-up?

The best type of warming-up is dynamic stretching and
sport-specific drills.

Dynamic stretching is the opposite of static stretching. It is a
slow controlled movement through the range of motion. However, you
NEVER "stretch and hold" during a dynamic stretch.

Dynamic stretching is better for warming-up because it helps boost
performance. You should spend about 10 minutes doing a dynamic
stretching routine before competitive play. Some key exercises to
do are as follows:

- Shoulder Circles: Stand up straight, feet about shoulder-width
apart, knees slightly bent. Raise your arms to your sides to about
ear-height. Keeping your elbows straight, rotate your arms in a 180
degree motion as if you're turning a steering wheel. 

- Arm Crossover: Stand up straight, feet about shoulder-width
apart, knees slightly bent. Swing both arms out to your sides and
then cross them in front of your chest.

- Side Bends: Standing straight, put your hands on your hips and
bend down directly to your left side using only your trunk. Come
back up to standing position and bend to the opposite side.

- Hip circles and twists: Stand straight and put your hands on your
hips. Now make circles with your hips in circular direction. After
finishing a few circles, start doing twists by grounding your feet
and then twisting to one direction by using your abs and hips, and
then twisting to the opposite direction (keep your feet planted,
they do not move)

- Half Squat: Instead of doing a regular full squat, just do a
half-squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Use
bodyweight only and don't do more than 15-20.

- Leg Swings: Stand sideways onto the wall. Weight on your left leg
and your right hand on the wall for balance. Swing your right leg
forward and backward. Switch legs and repeat.

- Cross-Leg Swings - Put both hands on a wall, lean forward
slightly, and putyour weight on your left leg. Swing your right leg
to the left in front of your body, pointing your toes upwards as
your foot reaches its furthest point of motion. Then swing the
right leg back to the right as far as comfortable, again pointing
your toes up towards the end of the movement.

- Lunges: Stand up straight with both feet together. Lunge forward
with the right leg as far forward as you can, until your right
thigh is parallel with the floor. Come back up to the starting
position and repeat with left leg.

- Ankle Hops: Bounce up and down using only your ankles. Do not
bend at the knees. Hop strictly on the balls of your feet as far up
and as fast as you can, using only your ankles.

The above dynamic stretching exercises are excellent for getting
your muscles and joints ready for gametime.

After doing the above exercises for a total of 10 minutes, move on to
the following sport-specific drills (in this order)...

1) Take 10 free-throw shots, grabbing your own rebounds.

2) Running from the 3-point line, do about 10 layups from the right
side and then do 10 layups from the left side.

3) Defensive slides - Moving sideways, slide to the left as quickly
as you can. Then, slide to the right as quickly as you can.

4) Go underneath the rim and do a few jumps trying to get up as
high as you can.

5) Pick up a ball and work on doing your ball-handling moves at
game-speed. Doing these at game-speed is very important.

6) Do two sprints - one from the baeline to half-court, and the
other from half-court back to the baseline.

7) Finish by doing a light jog around the gym once or twice.


Above, you have MANY tips, drills, and exercises for boosting your

Try this routine for the next couple of weeks and watch how much
better you play.

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Until next time,

Wishing you an awesome basketball career!

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This article is featured in our popular newsletter, "Basketball Domination". Subscribe to Basketball Domination for free here...

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