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Stun Your Defender & Score More Points

Are you ready to get any kind of shot you you want to OWN
your defender?

If you really want to frustrate your defender and score at will,
then you gotta develop some more 1-on-1 offensive moves...

We've got you covered. Today we'll teach you a couple of moves you
can use as weapons to destroy the defense.

Keep in mind that the purpose of any move is to confuse the
defender and keep him/her guessing. This is the REAL key to beating
good defenders. If your man knows what you're going to do, he'll be
able to stop you. If you keep them guessing, then you're in
control...ready to score, drive, dish...whatever you feel like

Okay, so the moves we'll talk about in this newsletter are based on
the principle of confusing your defender. The 1st move is the
Stutter Step Jump Shot:

>> The Stutter Step Jump Shot opens up your options to shoot. To
use this move, you have to drive on your defender a couple of times
in a row. Now, your defender will start backing up in anticipation
of your drive.

At this point, you can really create space for the jump shot by
using the stutter step...

1) Come at him hard, keeping your head up and looking at him

2) Take a couple of quick stutter steps as if you're about to drive
(but you'll be staying in one spot).

3) As the defender falls for your fake by backing up, use the space
to quickly rise up and shoot a jump shot!

The stutter Step Jump Shot is a powerful move, don't underestimate
it. Its simple but very, very effective, especially if you've
gotten past your defender a couple of times before doing this move.

Remember, the key is to "stutter" your steps quickly, almost as if
you're climbing a set of stairs. You want to appear as if you're
about to drive, but you want to stay in the same spot so you can
rise up and shoot. By slightly leaning your body forward as you do
the "stutters", you'll create the illusion of moving forward.

The 2nd move that will confuse your defender is the Half Crossover
In-&-Out Move:

>> The Half Crossover In-&-Out Move allows you to freeze your
defender and drive past him/her.

1) Dribbling with the right hand, come towards your defender.

2) Take a big hard step with your left foot, while keeping the ball
in your right hand.

3) At the same time, take the ball and go inside out halfway across
your body. Basically, you're faking as if you're crossing over from
right to left, but you stop halfway and bring the ball back to the
right side of your body.

4) Drive past the defender tightly, body-to-body, from your right
side. The key is to lightly brush his body as you're driving. This
tight spacing prevents the defender from cutting you off.

Alright, so now you have a couple of extra moves that you can work

Remember, the key is to practice these moves alone and with actual
defenders. Otherwise, you won't do these moves well. Practice them
everyday for about 2-3 weeks and they'll become natural.

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This article is featured in our popular newsletter, "Basketball Domination". Subscribe to Basketball Domination for free here...

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