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Your Questions about the Jumpsoles Answered...

A couple of days back, we sent you a product review on the Jumpsoles
training shoes...and we explained how it can help you increase your
vertical jump, speed, balance, and coordination.

Today, we wanna answer some frequently asked questions about this seems like a lot of people have similar questions
and we thought you might appreciate some answers...

So, here are the questions and answers:

Does this product really work?

The exercises you do in the Jumpsoles will target and maximize the
fast-twitch muscle fibers of your calves and lower foot
muscles...which will help you generate stronger power in your
vertical jump. So, yes, this product does work. Infact, the
Wisconsin Badgers, the Brazilian Soccer Team, and many other
college and Professional teams use the Jumpsoles.

Who makes this product?

The maker is JumpUsa...if you haven't heard of JumpUsa, then you
aren't into sports performance, because they're one of the most
reputable companies in the field. This company has been on top of
their stuff for the past 10+ years.

Does it come with a training program?

Yes, it comes with a 8-week training program called Phi Slamma
Jamma, with all the exercises and daily routines you need to do.
There's a training manual and a video that you can follow.

Is it safe?

This product is actually used by sports therapy and rehabilitation
facilities as a device FOR injury prevention and rehab. It has an
impressive safety record over the years, and if used properly, it
can actually make you more resistant to injury.

How much can I gain?

Average gains seem to be around 5-8" (inches), and if you work hard
with it, you can achieve 8" - 12"...some notable athletes have even
reported 14+ inches. Usually, an average basketball player needs an
additional 6-8" to be able to dunk a basketball.

What makes it better than other similar products?

The only "other" type of similar product are platform shoes. What
makes the Jumpsoles better than platform shoes is mainly the fact
that they can be worn right over your existing basketball shoes.
Other platform shoes don't have this option. Also, the
well-balanced design of the Jumpsoles is much more effective at
getting our opinion and in the opinions of many other

What are they made of?

Jumpsoles are made of a high density, closed cell polyurethane
honeycomb. Basically, they absorb shock really well, which reduces
the impact on your bones and joints. The material is also very
durable, and it can last for many years to come.

What's the earliest age I can start using them?

The age of 12 is a good age to start, male or female. The Jumpsoles
will not stunt growth or hurt the development of kids. This is
because this product doesn't involve heavy-lifting. Infact, the
sooner that kids can learn the proper mechanics of jumping and
running, the better their "muscle reflexes" will develop over the

Does it come with a guarantee?

Yes, what we really like about the Jumpsoles is their bold
guarantee...which is one year long. If you're not satisfied with
the gains you're getting, you have one whole year to return them.
There's really nothing to lose by trying them out.


Check out the Jumpsoles here:


If you have any other questions about the Jumpsoles, we'll be glad
to answer them. Just hit "reply" and send us a quick note.

Thanks, and as always, wishing you all the best!

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P.S. - There are some critics on the internet that say you don't need
shoes like the Jumpsoles to help you get results. This might be true,
but as far as we see it, thousands of youth, college, and professional
athletes and countless organizations have reported nice results.
Take a look for yourself here:



This article is featured in our popular newsletter, "Basketball Domination". Subscribe to Basketball Domination for free here...

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