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Can Platform Shoes Help You Jump Higher?

You must have heard of platform training know, the kinds
you wear and then walk around and do exercises in them.

The question is: Do these "special" shoes really increase your
vertical jump?

Well, to answer this question, lets see how these shoes actually

Platform training shoes basically help you stay on your toes, so
your heels never touch the ground. This way, you're "supposed" to
get a better workout in your calves when you do jump exercises.

Also, the shoes add some additional weight, so you're working against
resistance which is also supposed to help you get stronger.

So, are these things safe?

MOST of the platform shoes on the market are NOT very safe. You're
at a high chance of injuring or straining your lower leg ligaments
and tendons...especially if they're not designed properly or used

Another major safety concern is that most platform shoe makers
encourage you to go out and play basketball while wearing them, which
is a recipe for injury and disaster.

->> But, there are a *few* GOOD platform shoes on the market...

The few good ones are designed correctly, and if used properly, they
CAN and WILL help you increase your vertical jump.

The correct design keeps you on the balls of your feet, which helps
to strengthen your calves and achilles. Moreover, the correct design
also challenges you to balance yourself, which helps to strengthen
your shins, ankles, toes, and arches.

One of the most neglected areas in vertical jump and speed training
is strengthening of the lower leg muscles and tendons, such as the
shins, ankles, toes, arches, and achilles. You can really make a lot
of improvement by strengthening these small muscles & tendons.

A well-designed platform shoe can train you like a "cheetah", so you're
always on the balls of your feet and always well-balanced.

When you do jump exercises in these shoes, it enhances the overall
effect because of three reasons:

- It doesn't allow your heels to touch the floor, which works your
lower leg muscles better.

- The shoes themselves add additional weight, so it helps to make
you stronger.

- It forces you to balance, which makes your brain reaction time
faster and makes you more resistant to nasty injuries.

A key safety feature in a well-designed platform shoe is that it
slips right over your existing basketball shoes. Thats right, you can
just strap them right underneath the basketball shoes you wear daily.
This gives you an added layer of cushioning and protection.

->> Right now, the only platform shoes that we think work very well
are the JumpSoles V 5.0... We fully recommend the JumpSoles platform
shoe because they are safe, unique, and very effective.

We've been recommending the JumpSoles V 5.0 for years now, because
they've worked for youth, high-school, college, and Professional
basketball players. In fact, We have personally known athletes that
have improved their vertical jump by using this product.

Here's a small list of how the JumpSoles can help you:

1) Strenghten your toes for stronger lift off
2) Strengthen your ankles for better lateral quickness
3) Strengthen your shins and calves for more air time
4) Improve your balance and coordination for quick, smooth moves

An added benefit of the JumpSoles, which no other platform shoe offers,
is the "proprioceptors" upgrade. The "proprioceptor" upgrade is
basically an attachment at the bottom of the JumpSoles that helps
you improve your balance and coordination, while strengthening your
toes, arches, achilles, and ankles.

Overall, these shoes help you improve your game by boosting your
vertical jump, speed, quickness, balance, and coordination.

And, with the "proprioceptor" attachment, these shoes will actually
make you more injury resistant...thats right, you'll be far less
likely to injure your knees and ankles after training in these.

Many athletes have reported gains of 8 to 12 inches and decreased
their time in the 40-yd dash by a significant amount.

What's really nice is that the JumpSoles strap-on right underneath
your existing basketball shoes, which gives you an added layer of
cushioning and protection.

If you're looking for a training aid that will help you sky over the
competition, our highest recommendation would be the JumpSoles V 5.0...
You can check them out here:


*Please Note*: We do NOT sell this product. It is sold by Jumpusa, at
the above url. We're only recommending it to you as a useful training
aid for boosting your vertical jump and speed...

You can take a look for yourself here:



This article is featured in our popular newsletter, "Basketball Domination". Subscribe to Basketball Domination for free here...


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